Poser 11 SR4 - 2nd SR4 update -

  • Poser 11 SR4 - 2nd SR4 update is available from the download manager.

    Updates Poser 11 to Version

    Download - 199.53 MB

  • Smith Micro have stated that this is a Stability, Improvement and Bug Fix update for the previous Poser 11 SR4 service release

    No changes to the ReadMe file from Poser Version

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    Poser 11 SR4 is available from the download manager.

    Updates Poser 11 to Version

    Attached is the read-me for what has been Enhanced and Fixed...

    Smith Micro Software, Inc. and the Poser team are pleased to announce that the Poser 11 Service Release 4 (SR4) is now available for both OS X and Windows. SR4 will update your installation of Poser 11 to version 11.0.4.

    SR4 offers several enhancements and addresses known issues present in the following areas:

    • General performance and stability updates and improvements
    • Content Library improvements
    • Material Room improvements
    • Preview Rendering improvements
    • Final Rendering improvements
    • Figure Creation improvements
    • Animation improvements
    • Import/Export improvements
    • PoserPython improvements
    • Queue Manager improvements (Pro Only)
    • PoserFusion improvements (Pro Only)
    With your registered Poser 11 serial number, you can access and download updates via Download Manager (available at http://poser.smithmicro.com/poserupdates.html).

    SR4 Enhancements and Fixes, by Category


    • Re-enabled object origin adjustment from Parameter palette.
    • Simulation caches: Enabled support for non-western characters in file path (Windows only).
    • Fixed case where deleting morph target would cause deletion of all parameters in a dependency relationship.
    • Fixed case where dragging & dropping a file from Finder/Explorer would result in un-resizable user interface.
    • Parameters palette: Changed behavior of "value changed" dot, now based on internal value of parameter instead of driven value.
    • Improved Subset Selection dialog when saving expressions.
    • Improved orthographic camera defaults.

    Content Library

    • Item List view: Improved display performance of folders with many items (up to 3x when navigating into folder with 1000+ items).
    • Item List view only: Now displaying top level items immediately.
    • Now no longer counting hidden items when displaying Folder Counts.
    • Now obeying "Show Folder Counts" setting at top level when "All" is selected in Runtime popup.
    • Added "Search" tab in options drawer, allowing to toggle "Autocomplete".
    • Library Search: Improved auto-complete usability - now always prioritizing exact match.

    Material Room

    • Material layers: Now refreshing after loading a material that removed the currently displayed layer.
    • Now forcing uniqueness for internal node names only, external names can be shared.
    • Improved robustness of nested compound nodes.
    • Improved robustness of reading shader node popup menu type inputs.
    • SuperFly: Enabled Cycles > Shader > Holdout.
    • SuperFly: Enabled modulation of Tile node mortar thickness.
    • SuperFly: Enabled switching of Texture_Coords from UV to VU for 2D Textures > image_map node.
    • SuperFly: P node output now matches FireFly (world coordinates).
    • SuperFly: Improved Weave node rendering.
    • PhysicalSurface: Added strength multiplier to NormalMap input.
    • PhysicalSurface: Added "ColoredTransparency" option. Default is disabled to match PoserSurface's transparency behavior. This option will be enabled when encountering a PhysicalSurface node without it.
    • PhysicalSurface: Added TransparencyMode input. Default is "Opacity" to match PoserSurface's transparency behavior. Value will be set to "Transparency" when encountering a PhysicalSurface node without the new input.
    • PhysicalSurface: Enabled subsurface scattering (SuperFly only).
    This uses the Cycles BSSRDF internally, and exposes a reduced set of parameters for simplicity. ScatterDist[R|G|B] are measured in millimeter.

    Preview Rendering

    • Added Style option allowing to control number of Samples. Reduce to increase performance of rendering large anti-aliased final output.

    Final Rendering

    • SuperFly: Now based on Cycles 1.7.
    • SuperFly: Orthographic cameras now work correctly.
    • FireFly: Corrected shading of PhysicalSurface for lights with disabled shadows.
    • Fixed case where drag & drop of library item would cause instability while add-on was active.

    Figure Creation

    • Enabled in-pose morphs via "Convert to pre-Transform Morph" on parameter context menu to better support creation of morph targets such as JCMs.
    • Morphing tool: Added "Apply pre-Transform" option to New... morph target dialog. Please refer to 'Known Issues' below for limitations and workarounds.
    • Morphing tool: Fixed morph creation painting for certain models when subdivided.
    • Split morph now creates new parameters immediately after original in calculation order, fixing problems when the original was post-Transform.
    • Restored checkboxes to include objects in morph selection dialogs.
    • Object > Copy Morphs From... now only copies the parameters selected in the dialog.
    • Setup room: Now retaining morph targets without deltas if they aren't created during morph transfer.
    • Fixed conforming of end points when destination figure has animated origins.
    • Fixed errors in joint bulges when body parts are scaled (Poser Pro only).
    • Rig Symmetry: Now properly handling x value of resetOrigin and/or originalOrigin (Poser Pro only).


    • Graph palette: Improved Selection Sync behavior.


    • Import: Drag and drop now supports multiple files at once.
    • OBJ import: Material names no longer truncated at space character.
    • OBJ export: Added options for using full texture paths in MTL file and copying textures to output folder.
    • COLLADA Export: Fixed case where exporting figures without rigging would cause instability.
    • FBX Export: Enabled morph target selection (Poser Pro, Japanese only).
    • Alembic export: Enabled support for non-western characters in file path (Poser Pro, Windows only).
    • File > Export > Morph injection now includes selected parameters only (Poser Pro only).
    • File > Export > Morph injection now uses relative paths if appropriate (Poser Pro only).
    • File > Export > Morph injection now includes selected parameters only (Poser Pro only).
    • File > Export > Partial scene now supports groupings and their children. (Poser Pro only).
    • GoZ: Added "Apply new morphs pre-Transform" option to better support creation of in-pose morph targets such as JCMs (Poser Pro only).


    • Print Info > List Files now lists all textures used in shader nodes only once.
    • Fixed case where ValueOp.GetKey() would return incorrect value.

    Queue Manager (Poser Pro Only)

    • SuperFly: Improved handling of anisotropy.
    PoserFusion (Poser Pro Only)
    • Enabled installation on machines where only Maya 2016 is present (Windows only).
    • Enabled installation into most recent LightWave versions.

    Known Issues

    • Queue Manager: Progress indication currently non-functional when rendering with SuperFly.
    • Morphing tool: When creating a new morph target that is intended to be used in pose (editing in non-zero pose), please delay conversion to pre-Transform until you are satisfied with the shape.
    • Morphing tool: If you are editing a pre-Transform morph target such as an existing JCM, please use the following process:

    1. Choose Parameters > Options > "Display in calculation order"
    2. Drag & drop the morph target to be edited to the bottom of the stack, for each affected actor (body part)
    3. Use the Morphing tool to select and edit the morph target until you are satisfied with the shape
    4. Choose 'Convert to pre-Transform Morph' on the context menu of one of the edited parameters to finalize the morph target.
      • Morphing tool: Subdivision-level morphs cannot be applied pre-Transform.

    Poser, Poser Pro, the Poser logo, and the Smith Micro Logo are trademarks and or registered trademarks of Smith Micro Software, Inc. Poser copyright © 1991-2016 All Rights Reserved. All other product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.