HELP!! My auto select tool has gone crazy!!!

  • Why the f@*! is my magic wand tool not lassoing like it usually does? Instead of lassoing just a small section of the drawing, like an arm or face, auto select keeps lassoing every nook and cranny of the drawing, or, if I add color it then just lassos the color instead of the figure.

    I'm new to Manga Studio and I'm pretty sure I did something to the main settings without realizing it thanks to my noob-ian explorations. I've been doing my own research and cannot find anything on the subject so I've finally decided to ask you guys; its soooo frustrating, I really can't figure out what happened! I even followed some youtube videos and my magic wand settings are the same as I saw in the video so unless there's something I'm missing it can't be that because no one else seems to have this problem.

    0_1464927604196_upload-de5d1d60-adb0-413c-ac4e-a3f320aa483e ^ or this

    Why is this happening? Please help me fix this!! I would like to go back to the normal speed of things instead of working like a snail ;_;
    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me figure this one out, it's VERY much appreciated. <3

  • Looks to me like you have Follow Adjacent Pixel unchecked. Go to the Magic Wand Tool Property Palette and put a check in Follow Adjacent Pixel.

    Without that checked, the Magic Wand behaves like a color gamut selector.

  • tears of joy Thank you so much! I checked follow adjacent pixel like you suggested and the problem went away; I knew it was something simple I just couldn't figure it out. dance!!

    Thank you Gariam!