In praise of Inkscape for geometric textures

  • Try as I may, I just can't over creating clothing textures with bitmap editors; the problem is that whenever I want to resize something I pretty much end up redoing the whole texture, what is a bother.

    Inkscape is excellent for geometric patterns, because it's vector-based, and exports very nicely to bitmaps; it's also free, which is a huge plus. And then for details (say a flower) you can easily add line-based strokes.

    I tried it last week, and after installing and never having used it before, I could prepare a simple and swift seamless lace transmap in 10 minutes, and then I prepared some 6 variants in some 30 minutes or so.

    Found that awesome. Oh, and did I say it's free?

  • @fbs7 That does sounds awesome! Can I ask why you are saving them as bitmaps though?

  • @mr_phoenyxx hmm... because I thought that image textures had to be bitmaps; now that you say it, I can't find anywhere in the manual a listing of the graphic formats that poser will accept, so I've always used jpg for anything I send to Poser, whatever the source.

    You mean Poser will accept a texture from a vector graphic file? Like EPS or SVG?

  • the manual on page 928 says on background images:
    The following is only a partial list of those formats supported: SGI, BMP, DDS, EXR, GIF, HDR, JPG, PCD, PNG, PSD, TGA, TIFF and WBMP.

    Vector formats always are dependent on pen definitions and these are always a source of risk.

  • @F_Verbaas thanks, Verbaas, appreciate that list.

    I wish there was a reference somewhere of all file formats supported; I'd hope that's a basic thing in grahical software to list the supported graphical formats.

    Specially since some of these formats have tons of options; consider BMP - there must be say 20 variations or more of BMP format, and it's always a trial and error thing to figure out what works and doesn't work. And BMP is a pretty simple and old format.

    For example, I have no clue whatsoever if some file format would have its alpha channel accepted in Poser. As far as I know none do, but then again there's no documentation at all about that.

  • @fbs7 That is easy: Poser does not accept or understand alpha channels.
    You can try to code on-off transparent into 0,0,0 black (or any color with value say less than 0.05) and filter that from the output of the image_map node into a transparency branch.
    I usually make a separate transmap in PaintshopPro.

  • @F_Verbaas thank you