Creating brushes with sensitivity

  • I've recently switched from PS to Clip Studio Paint, and I've got a couple questions regarding custom brushes.

    I'm trying to create some custom brushes for drawing things like clouds, swarms of bats and so on. I've figured out how to create a brush tip by registering a custom shape as material, but I can't figure out how to set shape dynamics.

    I've created a bat brush tip (which is 4 different bats fairly close together), but the size won't change with pen pressure, nor will it even change if I increase the brush size.

    I'd also like to adjust the scatter, and have the brush direction randomised to create more natural shapes. At the moment I'm stuck with the same bats repeating over and over. Essentially the brush is working less like a brush, and more like a repetitive stamp.

    I'd also like to be able to set opacity to pen pressure as well.

    Basically I'm looking to have the brush stroke change with pen pressure, in terms of the size, scatter and opacity. And I'd like to set the brush tip to randomise the direction. I'm not sure if these options are available in Clip Studio as they are in PS, but I'm hoping they are.


  • When you open the Sub Tool Detail Palette, go to one of the settings (Brush Size for example). To the right you see a box. Click that box and you will see options for things like Pressure, Tilt, and so on. You need to check those boxes. You'll also have a slider that will allow you to set the minimum amount of change. With a Bat brush, for example, you might not want to have the brush go all the way down to 0.

    To get a Random stamping, go to Stroke and select Random for Repeat Method. For bats, you may want a Spray as well so try a few different settings for the Spray Particles. You can even create a randomized particle size (the box to the right again).

  • @garlam Legend! Thanks for that. I've just had a look and got it sorted. The only option I can't seem to find is tying opacity to the pen pressure. I've had a look through the various options and can't seem to find it. I know it's possible as some of the brushes I've already have pressure sensitive opacity. Any idea where I set that for a custom brush?

  • @garlam Actually I've just figured it out. I got one of the existing opacity brushes and just checked through all the settings. Thanks again for your help.