Huion H610 Pro compatibility

  • Mornin'; I just purchased a Huion H610 Pro Graphics tablet and Manga Studio 5. My pen does work. It works fine in Paint, but not in Manga Studio 5. I am probably over looking something silly. Does anyone have info for a newbie?

  • Just off the top if my head, did you go into the options (CTRL-K) and try to change it from tablet mode to mouse mode? There is also the wintab and tablet pc driver options to toggle.

  • @MrDaaark I didn't. I wise the software had come with some documentation.

  • The WinTab / Tablet PC toggle MrDaaark referenced is at File>Preferences>Tablet. Most likely, it's the reason for your troubles.

  • @garlam I'm sorry. I should have mentioned that I'm using OS Windows 10

  • Did you do anything we asked you?

    • Open the program.
    • Hit CTRL-K, or use FILE->Preferences
    • Go to the Tablet section. This is the second section in the list.
    • Try changing the WIN TAB or TABLET PC option to switch which driver you are using.
    • If that doesn't work, try the MOUSE MODE toggle with either option.

  • Hi

    I have a Huion H610 Standard edition which is very similar to your tablet.

    I have included a screen shot of my tablet settings in Clip Studio Pro. I have everything up and running, including pen pressure settings. I'm also using Windows 10.