Good news - Jessi made to the cheerleading team with Mr. Morph Creator help!

  • Jessi's never been on the cheerleading team because she's built like a panzer, is way too curvy, and although she has some great morphs for the face she's very completely missing body morphs.

    Last week it suddenly dawned on me - why not use Morph Creator to smooth her out and create the morphs I need? That worked wonderfully; just plain Smooth applied to most of the body gets her out of the 30s age group and into the teens age group, hides all that muscularity and decreases the curviness in the torso.

    Then a combination of Sag (adjusting gravity to the direction I want) and Pull operations created the few extra morphs I needed in the body, and then the same thing in the head created the exaggerated anime-like expressions that I wanted (like eyes closed with upward curve and surprised mouth shaped like 8).

    Now Jessi is no longer the angry mid-aged Olympian athlete but a very normal anime-like teen girl.

    All very straightforward and easily done, and much, much easier than exporting the thing to Blender and messing with the geometry there. Mr. Morph Creator is really such a wonderful tool.

  • A fitting test for Jessi midway her conversion to teen anime while a few fitting tests for some simple conforming clothes (hair / top / shorts). The face is a custom face texture. Jessi is amused that she has to use a silly bathing cap from Marvelous Designer for the cheerleading team tryouts...

    Notice the smoother body with no 6-packs; also notice the still unresolved problem of the ears while using a tight head object; I didn't want to spend time with that as that hair is wide, so I just fitted the hair narrower and the cap wider, but a better solution will be to lower the cap line to cover part of the ears.

    By the way, I'm still bothered that the upper and lower arms have different lengths (mind block with that)