Noob question about Poser 11

  • Been having a play with Poser 11 and run into a bit of an issue as compared with previous issues, and I'm pretty sure this is more to do with my lack of knowledge. Sorry if this sounds dubious, but it's the clearest example I could find. But on the newer models like Pauline, how do you adjust her breast size for example?


  • There's no morph for it on Pauline. Instead, select the left breast and right breast body parts and scale them as needed.

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    Pauline doesn't come with breast morphs in Poser, but you can create them yourself with the morph brush if you want to try that, or with an external program like zbrush or blender.

    Or there are various add-ons in the different stores that add morphs.

    Here is one from content paradise that might suit what you're looking for:

    ETA: Ah, right - you can scale them too.