Speed Lines Tool

  • Hey everyone. Gonna be brief. In MS EX 4, there was a tool called the "SpeedLines Tool" that would allow you to freely create that effect onto an aspect of your art piece - ie. character throwing a punch or swinging a bat. When I had MS EX 5(and now Clip Studio Paint 5) It appears to be gone. Is it hidden in the features of Clip studio Paint, or is there a way to import that tool from MS EX 4?

    Thanks for the insight if anyone has it.

    All the best.


  • Go to the Figure Tool Category. You're looking for the Stream and Saturated Tools.

  • @garlam thanks/ found them, but it dosn't seem to give you the freedom that the speedline tool did, where I can draw a line(or curve) using the pan tool, and use the speedline tool(the icon above the middle image), and it gives me the effect of attached image.

    0_1465215924584_Speeedline tool.jpg

    Can you customize the Stream and Saturated tool to function like the image?

  • I don't think so. It is customizable in so far as speed lines go. But the image above looks like it was done with a blend brush and a ruler. To do something like this, I would use a grease pencil with the Mix Ground Color option checked under Ink and Running Color chosen.

    Then make a Parallel Ruler guide and just drag the pencil across the stroke to create the lines

  • The loss of the Speed Line Brush is still one that haunts me. We do have the Speed line tool, which is kind of like the old Speed line filter in Manga Studio 4 but no, you're not going to be able to drag the ink with a brush in quie the way you could in MS4. Which is one of the reasons I still keep Manga Studio 4 around. :D