How to import .sut material files into Manga Studio EX 4?

  • Having recently visited the "Free Content" section of the Clip Studio site, I downloaded some free material files there. However, I can't see any way to install them. Everything I've tried hasn't worked. I've even looked through all the installed folders on the hard disc and I can't even see any materials with that suffix. Are these only for the newest version of Manga Studio/Clip Studio? There is no indication on the site...

    Can somebody help?

  • They're not for 4EX. 4EX is the English version of Comic Studio. Manga Studio 5 is the English version of Clip Studio Paint (now it is Clip Studio Paint in the English version as well). They're different programs.

    You can share 3D content however.

  • Thanks for the quick reply. I kind of suspected they were incompatible...

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