FAQ: How do I add an avatar image?

    1. Click the profile image circle in the far right side of the banner at the top of the forum page, then click on your user name to open the profile page.
    2. Your profile name displays a blue circle with three dots. Click that circle and choose Edit from the menu that appears
    3. Click the Change Picture link on the left side of the profile settings page. You are given options to choose the default icon (the first letter of your user name), to use a previously uploaded picture, to upload a new picture, or to remove an uploaded picture.
    4. After you make your choice, click Save Changes.

    NOTE: The profile settings page also allows you to enter other information such as your name, website URL, location, your birthday, information about you, and a signature that appears on all of your posts. Don't forget to click Save Changes after you make additional changes.

    0_1460677478090_change picture.jpg