If You Forget To Add Tags To A Thread ?

  • I created a couple of threads yesterday, but didn't add any tags to them. By the time I noticed the 15 minute edit timeout had expired and I'm now unable to add any tags.

    If filtering by 'tags' is the way we're supposed to be able to find relevant threads then this is a real PITA...

  • @3dcheapskate

    You need to ask a moderator or an admin to modify the topic. Add a description of what you would like changed, like text, tags or whatever.

  • Poser Ambassadors

    What is the reasoning for this? The poster wishes to help people find his post, not change what he said and fool people.

    I can't find any plausible reason for limiting how long one can correct the tags on a helpful thread.

  • The tags have already been added.
    The tag system is new to a lot of us including myself, I have forgotten to add them myself.

    If someone forgets to add them, send me a Chat/pm and I will gladly add them.