Poser Pro 11 X Mixamo animations

  • Poser Pro 11 has a Combine Figures feature. So, you load your figure, load the clothing etc, then conform the clothing (assuming it is conforming), then click Figure and the drop-down menu appears. Click Combine Figures - and read the Poser Documentation about what settings to use when exporting the combined figure as an FBX. OK - problemo:- all the custom morphs are destroyed when you create a Combined Figure. Everything goes back to zero. So if you had to specially shape the clothing to fit the figure - TOO BAD. Anyway, take the FBX and upload to your Mixamo account. Let it process the FBX and then apply whichever animation you want, and Mixamo applies the motion to your figure. Except, in my case, the clothes ripped apart at certain places. GRRR !! I recorded a video of the failed clothing mesh but otherwise, the figure is animating fine:-

  • @ibr_remote This is an original figure which I created using Design Doll and Shade 3D. I rigged it in Poser Pro 11, using textures painted in GIMP. The hair was created using Shade 3D Hair Salon. The clothing were created using Shade 3D, and rigged inside Poser Pro 11.

  • I even tried with more figure-hugging clothes, but there is still some pokethrough in the animation:-
    (my video of my screen, at Youtube)