Morphing clothes for EVO

  • First off THANK YOU ERO !! I have not had a single problem fitting clothes to PE. Been fun. But I cannot for the life of me make any functioning morphs
    such as open in a jacket or blouse up down in any pants ie V4 Jeanz.. Can some one tell me what I am doing wrong? Followed the steps tp the letter in fitting with no trouble. Morphs show up but when used the mesh tares apart. Help please. Where am I going wrong?
    Again TUVM Jaxon

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    You are not going wrong at all.

    If you followed the instructions to the letter you will have "fitted" the dress, visited the fitting room with AUTOGROUP enabled. => This changes vertex order and existing morphs stop working.

    => AUTOGROUP is the mesh and morph killer.

    As you have seen, and written here above ; The mesh tears apart at the vertex groups welds.

  • Thanks for the reply Vilters is there a way around this? I assume I can't just skip the autogroup. FYI I am not much of a modeler at all.

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    Euh, I would be lying to write that there is no cure possible but it is a LOT faster to simply build a fresh outfit.
    Read the above as possible but way too time consuming and not worth the time invested.

    Issue here is that V4 and PE have different vertex groups setups, and while transferring clothing to "fit" works, everything else that relies on the vertex groups is hereby lost.

    It is nobody's fault.
    Figures that use a different rigging setup have to be re-vertex-grouped hereby loosing the morphs.

    The "cure".
    => STUDY, not "look at" but STUDY the vertex group setup of PE.

    Import the "ORIGINAL' clothing obj in a 3Dapp like Blender or equivalent.

    Then cut up the ORIGINAL clothing obj file, re-arrange the vertex groups as per PE, and be ABSULUTELY sure each is properly welded again.

    Do the fitting MANUALLY in Blender to the ORIGINAL PE obj file.

    REMARK : You see me write ORIGINAL here a few times !
    NEVER-EVER export an obj file from Poser; Its unwelded and hereby useless.

    Then you have to rebuild the morphs as shape keys.
    Export the adapted obj file as per my first video tutorial on YouTube.
    Export the shape keys as "shape key"s to use as morphs.

    In Poser;
    Load PE
    Import your amended object file.
    Goto the fitting room.
    Do NOT do any fitting any more as you did that in Blender already.
    Transfer the bones and UNCHECK Transfer morphs and UNCHECK AUTOGROUP, but check ZERO.

    In the pose room:
    Save newly rigged clothing to library, and delete the clothing from the scene.

    REMARK : e few lines above I wrote "never EXPORT anything from Poser".
    Same here.

    NExt step is to go to your file manager and find where Poser saved the new clothing. => The Cr2 is GOOD, but DELETE the obj file that Poser just saved for you. => See my video4 on YouTube.
    Replace the Poser saved obj file with the obj file YOU build in Blender.

    ALMOST there;
    Reload and conform the clothing to PE.
    It loads the cr2 Poser made and that loads the obj file YOU made.

    NOW, you can load your shape keys as morphs.
    NOW you can save the clothing to library.

    Next time you load the clothing ccr2, it will load the good obj file and the moprhs are in the cr2.

    Best regards, Tony

    PS, my video series on YouTube can be found under my name or under Poser2Blender2Poser.

  • Thanks a bunch Tony Ill live with the fits for now. But as I'm on an extended contract in Southern Cal. with not much to do ill get Blender and start the process. Your tuts are first.
    Really appreciate the help