Download Manager Question

  • Sorry if this has been asked before, but I searched and did not see this variation on my question.

    I downloaded Poser 11 Pro for Windows, installed it from the Download Manager. However, all the files that came after successfully downloaded, and they do not say "Install."

    They each have a "Waiting . . . " button, and their status says "Download Complete. Install Poser 11 for Windows to Continue."

    Where do I go from here? This does not match the video on the Smith Micro Site that explains this.

  • @scottstory
    Install the application first. After that the "Waiting" buttons for the content installers will turn to "Install" buttons.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Well, here's what happened.

    I originally followed the advice of the video, downloaded and installed the program, then as per the video hoped to install the elements that go with it (animals, hair, etc.). They were labeled waiting, not install; it was shown as install in the video at this point, so I entered my post here.

    Following the advice here, I tried to reinstall the program in the hopes that I would correct the issue and install my content.

    This led to a catastrophic break down. The program and the content are gone. I cannot restore them. My only choice is to reload the entire mess, which took me about 12 hours before.

    So, I am reloading poser, which I will install. Then I will reload all the content. It is to be hoped at that point I will be able to install it, and it won't say "waiting."

    If that doesn't come to fruition, I guess I will have to ask for a refund. I'm upset for my lost time, but I understand computers, and I know these things happen. I really wanted this to work out, the price was right, the educational videos were a great bonus, but sometimes things are fated to be or not fated to be.

    I've had trouble with earlier versions adding in materials, so perhaps I should have let past experiences guide me.

  • Once the content files are downloaded, even if dlm says "waiting" you can install them manually. It's just a matter of finding where they have been downloaded to and double clicking on the .exe files.

  • If after installing the application, the Content still says waiting, I suspect the application still says Install, not Reinstall.

    This means the installation did not complete properly or the OS blocked it from reporting the progress to Download Manager. Normally, the issue is the OS does not let Download Manager update itself.

    Usually, rebooting before launching Download Manager will fix that.

    If you are on Windows, try right clicking when Launching Download Manager and select Run as Administrator.

    On Mac, make sure your User Account you are using is Admin Rights and there are no Permission Issues with the User Account.