New Install Question

  • I'm sure this has been touched on before, but I'll ask anyway:

    After waiting sometime (perhaps as a personal protest against including animation in the program), I finally upgraded to the new version from the older Manga Studio 5 Ex.

    It was no trouble to install, however, this appeared as a brand new instance of the program, not an update of the older MS EX pro. That means none of my purchased or homemade brushes or materials came along with it.

    Is this how it should have worked?

    If I somehow figure out how to bring over my old content (how do I do that?), will it overwrite the new content in the new install?

    How should I proceed?

  • Yes it sometimes leaves the old version but No it never should not bring forward all your existing brushes and materials including the ones you added. This has always worked for me with every upgrade..... But you are not the first person to report it not working. I find its always best after an upgrade to open Clip Studio first then when that has settled to open Clip Studio Paint... it looks to me like its still moving files across through those stages ... but I am not sure. Which did you open first ?