RENDERING: Will more RAM help for this?

  • Hello,

    I am rendering two Wolf 2 by AM with 20 minutes between frames, I have i7 3930k 3.8GHz 16GB quad![alt text](image url)

    See image attached, the screen shot is between 2 frames look hiw rendering is maxing out RAM and dumping it

    My question is thus:

    Is this RAM bouncing up and down slowing down the final rendering time? If so do you know by how much and will doubling the RAM to 32GB double the RAM bottleneck?

    Thanks in advance![alt text](![image url](![image url](image url)))

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    You didn't state what version of windows you're using, but more than 16gb will require windows professional or the extra ram will not be recognized.

    I'm running into the same issue as I don't have pro.

  • @AmbientShade

    I'm currently using Home Premium but can buy upgrade licence to Professional

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    I believe more RAM will help.
    It appears that your machine is approaching its RAM limit, then begins page filing - using your hard drive in lieu of memory. This is multiple times slower than RAM, so the processor cores are going idle, waiting on the hard drive to complete each task.
    It's also a lot of wear and tear on the hard drive.

    Try starting that render again, and this time watch the hard drive activity LED for unusual prolonged periods of heavy usage.

    RAM limits of the various Win7 license levels:
    alt text

  • Something looks a tad odd on your system to me.
    You have 25% more threads running in the background and 12000 more handles than I do, and your already at a 10 of 32 gig commit.
    Currently I am at a 4gig commit out of 17.9, I run as small a swap file as possible as well.
    Your swap file is 16 gig, mine is about 6.

    From what I see you have so much running in the background that your system spends more time swapping than anything else.
    Adding more memory will stop the swapping to the page file, but there will still be tons of memory I/O with everything you have running at once.

    The first thing I would do is kill all the stuff running in the background, you might not even need to upgrade the memory after doing so.
    I am not having memory issues in Poser even with rather large scenes, and only have 12 gig of memory at the moment.
    You also did not mention render settings, which can have a huge impact on memory usage. Specifically, bucket sizes.

    Speed of rendering is hard to judge what will happen at 32 gig.
    It may not help that much if the system is doing a bazillion other things at the same time.

  • @seachnasaigh

    The hard

    I don't know how to say this, but Poser is the only thing running, the rest is basic startup stuff and anti virus. I didn't understand the comit stuff you mentioned but before rendering I am using less than 5GB ram.

    Are you saying there's something wrong with the sytem?

  • I have a lot of stuff running in the background and have no where near that many resources taken.
    It may be normal for what you have running, but it never hurts to shut off things that are not needed and see if it makes a difference.

  • @shvrdavid said in RENDERING: Will more RAM help for this?:

    I have a lot of stuff running in the background and have no where near that many resources taken.
    It may be normal for what you have running, but it never hurts to shut off things that are not needed and see if it makes a difference.

    Hi David

    I'm pretty sure in my case I'm running around same System Handles and I've not been in his situation I've run out of the RAM(only in 3DS MAX when I go crazy with Subdivision),although I've lot more Paging file,usually when I render I've opened Chrome browser and there I've 36 tabs opened,but agree I've 32GB RAM

    alt text


  • wow i need to study up on handles and that

    Could it be Poser causing the problem because besides poser that's all I have, Windows and startup take up 4.5 GB ish

    Would it help if I did another screenie of taskman after a reboot?

  • Hi

    A few things that I've found help a lot.
    There are other ways of doing it but I use the utility in CCleaner to control what loads at start up.

    There are probably many things that you don't need to have start.
    I have about 2/3 of them turned off.

    I use Defragger (from the same people who make CCleaner) to keep my hard drive clean.
    What's handy is that it will defrag individual files.
    I've actually had renders and video creation that wouldn't complete, work smoothly after defraging the file I was having problems with.

    It can defrag a file that's broken into hundreds of pieces in just a couple of minutes.

    It will also defrag all the files on a drive in just a few minutes without spending hours rearranging everything on the drive.

    I've found that it really does make a difference.

    More ram will help, the less swapping you do the better.


  • @MikeMoss

    Hi Mike thanks for advice, I will try the cleaner as you suggested, I am rendering at uncompressed avi so the files are large however the system is doing 99.9% of the processing as it's 20mins per frame, plus I am using 3 way ssd striping so drive peformance not the issue, it's the animals fur firefly rendering of poser and wondering if more ram will help since it's maxing out and dumping

    this is the object I am rendering btw

  • Hi

    Here's the links...

    Most of what I do is animation, so I don't get into rendering with really high overhead, it just takes too long, I'm impatient.

    I render at a very large sizes 1920 by 1080 or higher, using Preview Render and high texture resolutions i.e. 8000 by 8000 or 12000 by 12000.

    When the video is output from the editor in the final size the images look almost as good as they do from Firefly with some limitations as to shadows etc, but Poser 11 is better about handling shadows in preview mode then Poser Pro 2014 or the earlier versions.

    The advantage is that I can output about 3,000 frames in 20 to 30 minutes, or about 3 seconds per frame for the kind of stuff I do.

    I just except the way it looks as my technique or visual style.

    This is especially appreciated when I'm doing Stereo video and have to render everything twice!

    If I had to live with 20 minutes per frame I'd go crazy. LOL

    Here's an example, the top image is rendered in Preview at a large size (probably 1920 by 1080) and took several seconds, and to bottom image is rendered in Firefly and took several minutes.

    alt text

    For me the difference in quality is more then compensated for by the time I save.