Pauline Advanced Available for Free until June 25th

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    thank you.

  • Got her, thank you.

  • Pauline Advanced Superfly


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    Just had the time to load her and test her out. She is hot!!!
    The bending is a dream...Very excited. about her.

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    @shvrdavid ... thank you so much! I've been wating for this!

  • Many thanks!

  • Thanks so much for your hard work and for sharing Pauline Advanced with us! That's really generous of you. I really hope, that she will be successful and that the advanced rig will help Pauline to get some more attention.

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    Scott, how is it with Cloth modeling for her? Export Pauline Advance as OBJ out? What would you suggest?

  • @Ladonna

    I copied the default Pauline.obz to a new directory, then used uncompressPoserFiles to extract it to an obj in that directory. (Scripts menu/utility/uncompressPoserFiles)
    Pauline advanced calls the default wire frame that comes with Poser.
    Anything you make for her can be rigged to either skeleton afterwards.

    There is no difference between Pauline and Pauline Advanced in the zero'd state as far as building cloth around her as an un posed mannequin.

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    @shvrdavid Thank you . I was just wondering because the Poses I create for Pauline need adjustments for Pauline Advance. Not much, but for clothes this could be a mess. But i think Poses and clothes are a different topic.

    She is really great . Love her.

  • @Ladonna

    Many of the joints in Pauline Advanced are at different locations and angles that the default version,.
    That is only part of the reason the poses will need adjusted thou.

    Keep in mind that areas like the shoulder and thigh use 2 different bones (and possibly translations) to get it into certain poses. The pose dials I added are primarily for examples so you can see how the two joints work together in certain poses and the advantages of translations on the buttock and thigh bones.. Translations should be included in all the poses, to ensure that any translations already present are set to where they need to be when the next pose is applied. I considered a way around that, but you can't pull it off in every pose with dependencies unless additional bones are added to the skeleton. You can add a ton of JCM's to get around it, but then it becomes a nightmare to rig cloth for her.

    Rigging clothing is fairly strait forward for Pauline Advanced, with the exception of the additional translation maps that are not in the default version. For example, the translation maps for the default Pauline Shoulders do not extend into the neck and leave a crease in the neck when the collar is translated much at all. Pauline Advanced has collar translation maps added to the neck, eliminating that crease. Other areas are the same way, and have additional or extended affected body parts in the mapping. There are far more translation maps in Pauline Advanced than the default version.

    The JCM's are a bit different in Pauline Advanced as well. Some of them are negative offset, and may not need added to cloth, others have to be added simply because adding more ghost bones would have broken using pre existing content without the use of scripts to add the additional bones into the cloth. JCM's like the arm down, waist forward, chest, etc, are positive offset, and are required in the cloth more often than not.. Some of the scaling is a bit different as well, and the grouping can make editing them a little odd until you get the hang of it. There is no way to regroup a wire frame and keep any compatibility with the default Pauline or the additional features Poser can do with Pauline. (Face Room, Wardrobe Wizard, etc) So there is no easy way to get around the limitations the default grouping presents.

    I hope this helps you get better familiar with the differences between them.

  • @shvrdavid You have done some amazing work here! really a great figure .. very unfortunate that poser didn't ship with her in this state.
    Currently I'm using mostly just the default or paula shapes but the improved posing is fantastic. Love the Smiles by Ero as well.
    A big thank you to all who contributed!

    Now.... who wants to step up and create the morphs++ equivalent?

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    Lovin' Pauline!!! Here is Pauline with 3Dream's skull cap ... a V4 costume re-purposed in the fitting room and a tatoo I added as a layer in the mat room. I love finding new things to do in Poser!


  • @Boni That's actually the best Pauline render I've seen to date, Boni.

  • Looking good Boni.

    Thank you everyone.

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    @shvrdavid No no, thank YOU! @eclark1849 and thank you ... it's very nice to get such gracious compliment when putting a lot of work into an image.

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    You can use VWD as well to fit dynamic clothing to Pauline. VWD is very forgiving in pokes and will fit the cloth around the body when simming.
    Here is an example of a V4 dress on Pauline. Onlu thing I did was a small translation to fit the cloth in the middle of the figure.
    This is how it looks before the simulation:


    And this afterwards:


  • Quick question because even though I downloaded the new figures I never installed them. So do you have to have the original Pauline in order to use the Advanced version? Also, are you going to re -rig Paul now?