Pauline Advanced Available for Free until June 25th

  • @eclark1849 I don't remember seeing an OBJ file with his download.

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    Pauline advanced is a cr2 containing the rig.
    You need Pauline original obj.
    Of if you have her?
    Use this rig (cr2) and point it to TaulineB that "was" at "ex" RDNA.

  • I just checked, and yes I have a geometry file for Pauline Advanced, so I'm assuming you don't need Poser's default Pauline to use it.

    Then again, I just read Tony's response, so now I'm not so sure. I automatically install the Poser figures, so didn't notice any problem while playing with Pauline Advanced.

    OK, I just double-checked the download zip, and there IS a geometries folder, along with the CR2.

  • @Miss-B
    The geometry file that comes with PaulineAdvanced is the stripped version for making conforming clothing.
    One needs the original Pauline geometry.

    The readme file says:
    This package requires
    Poser 11 and upwards (Poser 11 Pro recommended)
    Pauline Base (There is not an OBJ file in this package, only a cr2.)

    File List:
    \Runtime\libraries\character\ShvrDavid\Pauline Advanced
    Pauline Advanced.crz
    Pauline Advanced.png
    Pauline Advanced.xmp
    \Runtime\libraries\character\ShvrDavid\Pauline Advanced\Stripped Donor
    Stripped Donor.crz
    Stripped Donor.png
    \Runtime\geometries\ShvrDavid\Pauline Advanced\Stripped
    Stripped Pauline Advanced.obj

    \Runtime\libraries\pose\ShvrDavid\Pauline Advanced\Joint Centers
    Inject Joint Centers.pz2
    Inject Joint Centers.png
    \Runtime\libraries\pose\ShvrDavid\Pauline Advanced\Control Handles
    Edge Display.p2z
    Edge Display.png
    \Runtime\libraries\pose\ShvrDavid\Pauline Advanced\Advanced Bodies
    Advanced Clothed.pz2
    Advanced Clothed.png
    Advanced Nude.pz2
    Advanced Nude.png
    Default Pauline.pz2
    Default Pauline.png
    Ero's Paula.pz2
    Ero's Paula.png
    Pauline Advanced.txt

  • Ahhh, yes, now that you mention it, I did see the Stripped subfolder when I just rechecked.

    My bad. :headdesk:

  • Question : I am working at some free poses for Advanced Pauline using some of her specific morphs. Will any of these specific morphs function with a Standard Pauline ? As Advanced Pauline now has to be paid for that could be a problem. I did some testing and it seems Standard Pauline only loads her own morphs but you never know.

  • @DarthJ
    PaulineAdvanced uses the default geometry so if your morphs have their own deltas I would not see why they would not work,
    Of course you use some slaving of the PaulineAdvanced morphs they will not be there on the standard version.