Creating a reflector material

  • How would you go about creating a material that acts as a reflector? I'm not sure I have the wording right. I don't mean like a mirrored surface. I mean like the trim on road crew vests that looks white or off white but will reflect the lights.

  • Forgot to specify this is for superfly.

  • OK, this is really basic, but might get you where you want to go...
    image from an angle; you can see the only light source:

    alt text

    in case you're wondering, the rear bumper has the reflector strip. The strip (called a retroreflector) is only supposed to reflect light back towards the light source. In the image above, the view is too far to the side. If you stand with the light between you and the vehicle though, you get this:

    alt text

    There is no ambient/emission going on here, just reflection. It doesn't look quite 'right' to me, but it is clearly working as intended...

    here's the file...

    0_1466329097001_reflective material.mt5

  • I should probably spend a bit more time on this... thinking about it this is meant to be on road signs, licence plates on cars, cats eyes in the road... the level of reflection and the colour of the reflection seems pretty easy to adjust...

  • Thanks...i'll try this out when poser is free. I started a render that's taking a lot longer to complete than I expected.

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