Poser 11 Library search function

  • Sorry if there already is a forum post about this topic, but I haven't found one.

    A. Is there any way of displaying the folder structure after a library search like in the previous Poser versions?
    Most vendors don't use very useful names for their products.
    Let's say add-on materials for dress XYZ. The icon-listing for the add-ons is mostly Dress01, dress02 etc in a folder with a vendor name for this add-on (mostly without any referral to the original piece it's meant for).
    Let's take Squeezed Cocktail Dress as example. I have the MATs of the product itself and I bought two add-on mats.

    So I group all three MAT folders into one parent folder called 'Squeezed Cocktail Dress'. A search would return this parent folder and thus the underlying MAT folders giving me instant and easy access.

    B. I've noticed the search function doesn't seem to look at the folder-names themselves anymore.
    In the above example, before I thought of grouping MAT-folders, I would add tags to the folder name. For example I have added '(SCD)' to all MAT, Pose and character folders of anything to do with the Squeezed Cocktail Dress.
    A search for SCD would return everything I needed in one go.

    Now, the only thing I'm able to get is a totally useless listing of dozens and dozens of icons. And in the case of Pose/MAT or Material icons I can't even find out to which character they belong. Unless I select piece by piece, see the underlying folder path and can thus deduce what Dress00X is about.

    So I hope there is a solution, as I rely heavily on the search function, and at the moment it is exactly 100% useless for me.

    And if this is the state of the new search function,. any feedback on third party library managers would be appreciated. I've got 'P3dO Explorer' but don't like it, at least not as a potential library manager.

    I'm currently looking at PzDB 1.3 and "ShaderWorks Library Manager 2.6", but don't know if the latter will work on PP11.

    (And NO, I'm not willing to give DAZ a go. It took me over a year to get fluent with Poser, and on some subjects I've even barely scratched the surface of what is possible. )

    So, any solutions to the above and/or thoughts and experiences on a third party LibManager would be highly appreciated.

    Thanks, Bob

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    A couple of tips here

    • If you double click (or right click locate) on a found item in the Search window, it will bring you to that location in the library. Now you have access to all items in that folder

    • You can add tags to each item and use that to filter the search. A tool to add those automatically to existing content would be very useful though

    • You can use some modifiers such as:
      Quotes to make exact matches and allowing spaces ("A b C")
      Tilde (~) or (-) in front of a name will exclude negate the search term ( ball ~basket will find ball but not basketball)

  • @wimvdb Hi Wim, thanks for your reply and the workaround suggestions.

    Well, I'm certainly not going to add tags by hand to thousands of items. I already did that Quick and Dirty by adding tags to folder names or grouping them into folders like V4 and M4.

    But I'm beginning to wonder if my installation is correct? If I look for a vendor, say 3D-age, it doesn't find ANYTHING anymore. Or is this just because search doesn't look at folder names anymore.

    And if that is the case, then not even close to just a 'MEETS EXPECTATIONS' to the developers of an otherwise excellent product.
    If you swap out a module - in this case the Adobe thing - and replace it by your own one NEVER EVER reduce functionality. EVER. Only add. You'll never know completely how your customers use the product, so don't get 'smart'. Learn from what you did with firefly and superfly. THAT's how its done.

    As said by a development project manager.

    You're competing with a free product that's getting better and better. Get your act together.

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    I am not a poser developer, i am just a beta tester.

    Make sure you have the latest service release. Folder search was added in SR3 or 4

    3d-age does not use its vendor name in their product, so those will not be found. I have toplevel folders where i store my 3d-age products in and they are found.

    Indexing takes considerable time if you have a very large runtime (mine did). But once finished it finds things fast and reliable. I have asked for improvements on the whole tag idea such as begin able to tag a folder and to include that tag in the subfolders. That way it would be a lot easier to find things it it takes the toplevel folder into account.

    I still use PzDB 1.3 and that works fine. It does automatically add keywords to its database, so in that respect it is better. Most of the search however is now pretty similar but PzDB still wins on features, but i expect that Poser Search will catch up.

    Please do not add another software war to the discussion

  • @wimvdb Oh sorry Wim, I didn't realize, sorry for the SNAFU. About development and getting acts together, I wasn't talking to you but in general to guys and gals of Smith Micro. I certainly don't want to add fuel to a software war, but I 'd like to see Poser around for at least the next 20 years. I love the program. So I want them to be unbeatable.

    I installed Poser and directly on top of that (without starting) SR4.
    Could you explain what you mean with the folder search that was added? Do you have to activate something to make that happen?

    My runtimes are huge too, but Poser was finished indexing way quicker than previous versions. But then again, it doesn't find anything, so apparently something is off in my installation.

    And what do you mean by a top level folder? Like a separate runtime for say 3d-age?

    I agree with you on the tags, but they also should just put back the inclusion of folders and their names in the search.
    It's very inconvenient if that is missing, if you can't group anything using meaningful names.
    I like to build houses and over time I've collected some nice walls, doors and other elements that I can use building new houses. But I need to be able to search for them.

    Sorry again about the misunderstanding. I appreciate you taking the time answering me.

    Cheers, Bob

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    @BobM said in Poser 11 Library search function:


    I just checked - foldernames coming up in a search is there since SR2. See attached pictures.

    After double click:


    You probably want all items within that folder to be found. That is not the case and would be nice to have

    In my feature request for tagged folders , it would give what you want. You would tag the 3d-Age folder once with "3d-Age" and then it would find all items within that folder if you include the tag in the search. But this would be just one of the things I want for the library for the next version

  • @wimvdb Hi Wim, thank you. Yes, the folders are starting to turn up in my searches as well. It seems that each time I start Poser it indexes a little bit more of the runtimes.
    Show in Explorer and Locate help, but they don't work every time. Sometimes it opens, sometimes nothing happens. It appears a little bit random to me. And they don't open on click (why not???).

    The only thing missing now is a clickable tree structure like you have in a library, and as it used to be in previous Poser versions. That would show me immediately where my grouping folders are. And if I'm looking at props, mats or poses.
    Now I have 30 3d-age folders to choose from.
    But what I COULD do in the meantime is to give my grouping folders some extra letter so I would recognize them immediately.
    That would start making the situation more manageable for me.

    EDIT: what I DID find out, and maybe that was why my 3d-age example didn't show up previously:
    If I DON'T choose any category it finds all the stuff.
    But if I select one or more categories it immediately comes back with: Your search retumed no results. Even if I select every category.
    If I unclick all of 'm the listing returns.

    @Wim: Before I do a bug report, could you verify if your install shows the same behavior?

    So the only thing I can say is: just bring the look and feel and functionality of the previous lib search function back. Even little things as an 'All' button which saves you time instead of deselecting one by one. And REALLY bring back the tree listing. But I'll post this in the wishlist thread.

  • @wimvdb Oh, and I see in your attached pics that you DO find stuff with some categories selected.
    So it's my install that isn't working correctly.

    AND I see a little folder icon in the picture of your search window. I don't have that. What does it do? Give a tree listing?

    O, and I see in your previous reply that folders in the search window Do open on double click. At least with your install.

    I think I'll just try to reinstall SR4, see if anything changes for now.

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    @BobM said in Poser 11 Library search function:

    @wimvdb Oh, and I see in your attached pics that you DO find stuff with some categories selected.
    So it's my install that isn't working correctly.

    AND I see a little folder icon in the picture of your search window. I don't have that. What does it do? Give a tree listing?

    O, and I see in your previous reply that folders in the search window Do open on double click. At least with your install.

    I think I'll just try to reinstall SR4, see if anything changes for now.

    I think the indexing has not finished yet on your system. It will only start indexing if the Search tab is selecteed (the mini icon top right will turn too yellow). You can change that behavior so it starts indexing on launch in the poser.ini (Set INDEXING_REFRESH_ON_LAUNCH to 1). But that can have a big impact on the overal preformance. What I did is to turn it on, then let it index over night until indexing was finished and then turn it off again. After that the indexing for the content updates is fast enough to keep up.
    For reference - my index has a size of 280MB. So quite large (20 runtimes, total of 1.3 TB)

    So a reinstall is not necessary, just let it finish.

    The little folder icon is not in SR4, so you won't have it. It makes the search local. But it is the same thing as having the cloud button off

  • @wimvdb OK, thanks about the folder icon.
    I've looked into some other forums and the folders the Searchfunction finds seem to be unclickable, at least to other's experience. Rightclick and locate. Quite silly, especially when that function doesn't work all the time.

    At least I found out I can display the Lib in a browser and thus can have multiple tabs, giving me quick access to stuff I'm using at that moment. That's really nice.

    Cudo's to your runtime. I barely get halfway.
    I checked my poser.ini and it's set to 'INDEXING_REFRESH_ON_LAUNCH to 1'.

    But still on launch it's finished in a jiffy (within minutes). Reading about what other users have experienced form endless indexing, I can hardly believe this is complete indexing. Or does the process go on in background even when the yellow disc disappears and the search tab appears?
    Could you point out to me where the index is located, so I can check on the size?

    And do you know if there is a good explanation of Poser.ini? Haven't found one yet.

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    @BobM said in Poser 11 Library search function:

    us can have multi

    By default the INDEXING_REFRESH_ON_LAUNCH is set to 0, so not sure how that got set to 1. Be sure however that Poser is closed when you change Poser.ini otherwise the changes will not make it.

    Once the indexing is finished, the next time poser is started or when the search tab is accessed, a quick check is done for updates in your content. So If the indexing was finished, it should be quick.

    The database Content_Library_#.db (# being a version number) is located at the same place as poser.ini. Normally in users/<yourname>/Appdata/Roaming/Poser Pro/11

    Poser.ini is not documented. Some settings are for special cases, some are experimental, some are for compatibility reasons, some for debugging purposes, and some are for logging. Be aware though that changing these is not officially supported

  • @wimvdb Thanks. Mine is called ContentLibrary_8.db and is 481 MB, so apparently it's doing something. But amazingly fast then.
    Yeah, about the poser.ini, I had already done that myself by hand. Previous versions of poser I had to regularly throw away the ini and Lib-prefs as Poser all of a sudden would not startup. Read the thread here on Smith Micro what to do if you suddenly had weird start-up problems. Solution works like a charm. So I have a 'clean' set with all my stuff in it, and I whack all my runtime libraries into the LibPref.xml after it is regenerated or new.
    Same for the ini file. This works like a charm as well.

    I'm playing around with it a bit, and while I'm deeply unimpressed by the arcane Library search, I do love having it in a browser where I can open as many tabs as I want. I really missed that in previous Poser versions (or maybe I didn't know about it until now).

    And I've changed the poser.ini 'LIB_ITEMS_SHOW_LITERAL_FILENAME' to "1" (just fiddling around) and now the search displays the extension, so at least I can see if it's a CR, PP or other file. I've noticed that selecting categories in Search DOES work, only not with an expression as '3D-Age'. Maybe it's the hyphen that screws things up, but they're not there yet, that's clear to me.

    All in all I'm impressed (but I already was). I've put the runtimes on a hybrid disk & poser is running off an SSD. It's responsive and fast as I've never seen.

  • Not sure if this has been answered somewhere before. I used the forum search and the best I came up with was this topic.


    • Poser Pro 11
    • Windows 7
    • Preference Library > Indexing > Refresh on launch is OFF

    When I do the first search in the library after starting Poser, the program starts with some indexing stuff in the background for about five minutes, no matter if I added something new to the runtime or not. Can't do much during this time.
    I find this extremely annoying.

    I would like to switch off this automatic indexing somehow. In the library tree view there is a refresh button for each and every folder, so when I add something, I can force the database to update manually.

    Is there a way to turn off the search indexing (Poser .ini or some other magic)? Or would this lead to some potentially fatal corruption?

  • @oldenburg it's my understanding that indexing is the only thing which will speed up a library search, especially if you have the Library:File Search preference set to "Deep", to guarantee that Poser will search the full hierarchy of your content libraries. With no indexing completed, Poser will have to tediously traverse all of the folder hierarchies of each content libraries, attempting to match the search criteria for every file.

    However, the complete traversal of the file hierarchy is necessary to initially build the tree displayed in the library palette. This is not the same as indexing, which is cataloging the existing items in a database with search keys for quick retrieval. Building the tree does no matching of search items, (apart from filtering on known Poser file types, so things like text and obj files files don't get displayed in the library), and just involves building a tree. That's probably what you're noticing as a Poser Launch delay.

    I also have the indexing refresh on launch disabled, and my practice is to have Poser running constantly (only interrupted by crashes or reboots). I also think that the individual library folder refresh is only refreshing the hierarchy tree, not necessarily the search index database.

  • @anomalaus Thanks for enlightening me!
    I take it that the meditational pause cannot be avoided, so I will live with it.
    I also try to run a Poser instance as long as possible, but sometimes disfunctional area rendering or sudden translations in morphs created by the Morphing Tool make a restart necessary.

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    @oldenburg said in Poser 11 Library search function:

    @anomalaus Thanks for enlightening me!
    I take it that the meditational pause cannot be avoided, so I will live with it.
    I also try to run a Poser instance as long as possible, but sometimes disfunctional area rendering or sudden translations in morphs created by the Morphing Tool make a restart necessary.

    If you have a large runtime (s), start the indexing and let it run. Once it has indexed all, there is hardly any delay the next time you start Poser. It will only check ti see if there are any updates.

    The initial indexing may take quite a long time if your runtime is very large (mine is 700GB), but the update check takes only a few minutes and is hardly noticable. Turn on the message log and you can see what is happening.

  • This does rather connect to the Red Phantom question of tags but I eliminated indexing by using a browser. It's so much faster than the library. Period. I have a huge runtime. Two in fact because I have a huge DAZ library as well. It simply no longer matters because the browser eliminates any wait time on my slow as molasses machine. (Pats computer on the head. It's okay, baby. Daddy still loves you). Try it!

  • @maestro I switched to browser because when PP11 came out, every time I clicked on a thumbnail in the Library, everything in the that particular Library folder would scroll all the way up to the top, and I would have to go find the thumbnail I wanted again. Got so annoying I wanted to uninstall PP11.

    Then when I read about using your browser as your Library, I tried it, and WOW, what a difference, besides it's so much wider, so I can have 5 across in every row of each Library folder, instead of the usual 2. Much more preferable, when working with a lot of thumbnails in a particular Library folder.

  • I use Poser's built-in library and I think it works fine most of the time. And I have a gargantuan Runtime.

    Occasionally I use that Search Everything program that BB showed us. It is absolutely awesome.

    But mostly, Poser's search works fine. When I reinstalled, I let it run the indexing until it was done and now it's just "there" :)

  • @trekkiegrrrl I have the same experience. Every so often, if I add a lot of content, I'll manually re-index. For me, the P11 library works great and searches are the fastest they've ever been.