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  • Hello:

    Does anyone have a comprehensive list of the materials that are included in Poser Pro 11? I ask because I have had a devil of time installing hair, nudes, support files for windows, and props. Maybe I have them, maybe I don't... It's kind of confusing.

    Anyway, that or the hierarchy of folders that go under poser 11 pro content with the number of items in each.

    One of the things I've tried in addition to the Download Manager is installing them manually from their exe files in the drive, and signing myself in as the administrator in the download manager. All pretty crazy.

    Advice would be much appreciated.

    (Note: I'm committed to seeing this through, because I really want to branch into 3D. I've had a long history as a graphic novelist and comic artist, and I feel like this is a logical next step for me.)

  • Here's a screen shot of the catagories and numbers of things that I have been able to download:


    As I said, I don't know if nudes, hair, and support files. I think I have props, because there is a bunch of stuff about spys in there.

    Here's the list of people--could the nudes and hair be in here?


    Please advice, because I want to make sure I got everything, and I just cannot tell.

  • @scottstory I have the same stuff in my P11 character library. Hair is in the hair library.

  • @ghostship okay, just to clarify, I have everything that you do, and there is no runtime folder simply called hair or nudes? That the hair library that you mentioned is one the tabs at the top of the materials section like poses, props, hair, and so forth?

    To be honest, I found it getting everything setup for poser seems a little non instinctive, and I just want to make sure that I've got all the materials that I'm supposed to have to get started.

  • @scottstory the libraries are in Runtime/Libraries/Character...Pose...Face...Hair...Hand...etc. These all have Icons at the top of the list. Just click on the Icons and you are in a new category.