An EPIC YouTube hack

  • Somehow a segment of

    from this "interesting" looking account ended up in one of my unlisted videos, and therefore the owner of this account claimed copyright and modernization rights on that video, and annoyingly ruined the audio/video sync of the animation.

    Not a big deal to delete the affected video, but it's unnerving if hackers can screw YouTube like this.

    Has my account been hacked? How is something like this even possible??

  • For those of you even remotely interested in this, here's a little something from the YouTube forums [ source ] ...just in case you run into this sort of thing, or got the IQ to take advantage of a money making glitch ;]

    Whatever is going on there is definitely something very strange about it all and only someone at YouTube whom would be able to access both your account and the other account could look into it and figure out what exactly is going on...

    Is it "hackers" ?, Is it just some strange technical glitch or bug ?, It is a fault with that account or your account ? only YouTube can answer those but the most important thing needing answered is...

    How can this other supposedly automatically generated by YouTube channel get itself and AdSense Account, become a YouTube Partner, have monetisation enabled, gain permission to use the YouTube Content ID System and physically submit the video assets which have to be done manually to YouTubes Content ID System for the Content ID System to be able to automatically file a copyright claim on the video and monetise it ???

    That's one helluva bug or glitch or one helluva worryingly clever artificial intelligence system that has spawned behind the scenes at YouTube were now automatically generated YouTube channels can sign up to all those things, submit video assets and then lay claim to those videos and claim monetisation on them... :-o

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    This is indeed very strange.
    A hack is possible, but it does not seem likely since it has low exposure, is easily detectable, and does not generate (direct) revenue.
    To me it looks like a bug in the AI software of Youtube which checks for (copyright) violations, although it is a very weird alteration they did.

  • @wimvdb

    If they will rely on AI to check for copyright infringements, they will have a lot of disputes.
    They picked up on the wind in my video, which can sound like many different winds.

  • @krios claiming copyright on white noise is outrageous.

  • @ghostship
    YouTube will have a fun time enforcing white noise