How do I make the tips of my brushes sharp?

  • How do I make the tips of my brushes sharp instead of round?

  • Go to the Sub Tool Detail Palette and go to Starting and Ending.

  • The Starting and Ending option is if you aren't using a tablet. You didn't say so I assumed you wanted to know how to do this while drawing with a mouse. If your tablet isn't working properly, that's a different question. To get pressure sensitivity on your tablet to work, you might have to go to File>Preferences>Tablet and change the tablet service.

  • @garlam I still seem to be having problems with the Starting and Ending of my brushes on both mouse and tablet. The Starting and Ending are still round.

  • @DireWolf Which brush are you using?

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  • @garlam The dense watercolor brush.

  • The Dense Water Color brush has a straight pressure curve (no curve). Next to the brush size slider there's a box. Click that box and you will see the pressure curve. Click in the middle of that straight line and drag it down to the bottom right so the line curves. Having the curve ease from 0 for a bit before sloping upward to max will keep your tip smaller with more pressure and maxing the size out with max pressure.

    Your tablet may also have a straight pressure 'curve' by default. You should open your tablet app and adjust the pressure curve so it suits you hand. You can also go to File>Pressure Settings in CSP and adjust the overall pressure curve to customize how the stroke behaves with your hand (some people just draw heavier or lighter than others at different points in their stroke so this is a way to compensate for a heavy or light hand).

  • With regards to Starting and Ending, that should give you a tapered tip no matter what is happening with your tablet. When you go to the Sub Tool Detail palette and go to Starting and Ending, change None to Brush Size and make sure the slider is at Minimum Value 0 (all the way to the left). Then slide the Starting and Ending sliders to the right to get a greater taper.

  • @garlam Thank you so much! It's working now.