Are you able to parent hands/limbs to hip?

  • I plan on animating one figure for around 700 frames action scene. I heard from other 3d animating programs you are able to parent limbs to hips to keep them from spazzing. Is there a way to do that in poser, more specifically Andy2 figure?

  • Your best bet would to take a box and conform it to the hip and adjust to where you want it. Then conform the hand to the box. Make the box invisible and when both constraints are at 1 the hand is on the hip. Trying to get an object to interact with itself is hard since it creates a sort of feedback loop, so mostly prevented. Using the box prevents that loop as they are two different actions.

  • Hmm... not sure what "spazzing" means (English is not my primary language), but I assume that means loss of control of some kind.

    I suspect you're referring to the effects of FK (Forward Kinematics), which is the default mode for people in Poser; so when you move the hip, abdomen, thorax, shoulder, upper arm or lower arm the hand will move too, making hand movements look erratic specially if different body parts move independently.

    Keep in mind that you can put the hands in IK (Inverse Kinematics) mode; that way you can move the rest of the body and the hands don't wander around; the only way to move the hand to other positions is just explicitly moving them around.

  • That sounds great! i'll try IK again. Its just been a while.

  • @richard60 Thats interesting... I will have to definitely try this in parts. Sounds a bit difficult but no harm in trying. Thanks!

  • @authintix I meant to say constrain the hand to the box, not conform.