Request for fully automated Ruby (Furigana) adding on individual characters while highlighting whole body of text

  • I'm just starting learning Japanese so I'm not proficient yet to ask in the Japanese forum, so I hope I could make a request here and that Smithmicro would help me get it across to Celsys. This request does not concern the international versions of Clip Studio Paint per se because I'm not sure if they support ruby - the kana phonetic guide put above or to the right of the main body text, called "Reading" on the English interface.

    In pretty much all manga, ruby text are set per kanji, in other words, each individual kanji has its own kana above it. Currently, this can only be achieved in Clip Studio Paint by highlighting each individual kanji and adding kana onto it, which is cumbersome if you're working on long, extensive bodies of text for a whole manga.

    For some reason, there's simply no options for doing it by highlighting the whole text body. This is just ludicrous, considering the fact that Microsoft and Adobe, two American companies, have already figured out to do it (to add ruby text on individual kanji even when all the body text is highlighted) in an automated way a long time ago with Word and InDesign.

    Therefore, I'd like to request an automating feature that can help align ruby kana per kanji.