Colors look weird (edgy and pixelated) near lineart when painting

  • Hi guys, so I am trying to color and sometimes this weird thing occur. I create a new layer to be the flat colors, set it to multiply, and then paint using the bucket tool. But sometimes, this happens:

    Does anyone know how to fix it or what is causing this issue?

  • Nur so eine Idee, Anti-Aliasing ist Aktiv und die Flächengrösse ist zu klein

  • I agree... what you are complaining about is probably the standard effect of filling up to an anti-aliased (smoothed line).
    firstly be sure to color on a separate layer below your line art. Set the lineart as your "reference "layer ... using the lighthouse icon in the layers palette. Now with your fill tool ( in its properties palette) switch on "Area Scaling" with an area of 1 or 2 pixels and in the multiple layers setting choose the lighthouse ( reference layer) setting. You should also switch on the Anti Aliasing setting. .... and probably the problem will disappear..

    What is all that doing ?... well the idea is to extend the fill under the edge of the linework.

  • Thank you very much guys, I'll try that! :)