Broken? style sheet in Graphics Forum header issue

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    alt text

    This is what I see

  • OK, I'm now in my Opera browser, also the latest update, and I'm still not seeing it, so it may be a Chrome issue, if you're also using it as your default go-to browser.

  • I'm using Chrome 64.0.3282.119 64 bit and I have no problems at all...

  • @anomalaus @ccartwright OK, so now the question is, what OS are you folks using?

  • Windows 7 Pro 64 bit, Sp1.
    Everything is up to date, even IE (...and I don't use it).

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    I use Windows 10..everything updated. This is soooo weird. When I click reply the whole screen goes white and my writing is soooo light colored I can barely see it.

  • OK, I just had a thought, and I'm assuming from what you've been complaining about, you're using the default theme for the SM forums. I use a dark theme, or one of the dark themes (don't recall if there's more than one), and now I'm wondering if you folks would still have a problem if you tried switching the theme you're using to view the forums. OK, I just checked, and I'm using the Cyborg theme.

    I'm also wondering if other folks NOT having a problem are all using a theme other than the default white one.

  • @Miss-B I'm on macOS Sierra 10.12.6 running Firefox Quantum 58.0.

    Thanks for your suggestion about the cyborg skin. When I edited my profile, I found I am consistently seeing a problem with the Superhero skin I was using. I also had custom for the Homepage, which would regularly cause errors (It must have been linked to somewhere that no longer exists). Resetting it to "None" seems to resolve that.

    I'm not seeing a problem with posting or the header icons with Cyborg skin, but changing back to Superhero definitely gives me a broken UI for this forum. Something has changed, as it used to be fine.

  • @ccartwright I suggest you temporarily ditch the Superhero skin in your profile settings. It appears to be broken, at the moment. Your screenshot looks exactly like the problems I was seeing, so it doesn't seem to be either OS or browser related, but an actual broken style sheet for Superhero.

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    SuperHero shows incorrectly in Chrome for me, too. I tested all of them - only that one is bad.

  • I do not have Chrome, but no issue in others I tested.

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    Yep it was the Super Hero! I changed to Cyborg and all is good now. Good call Miss B!! Super Hero not so "Super Hero" I guess...wonder what happened?

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    @anomalaus said in Broken? style sheet in Graphics Forum header issue:

    @ccartwright I suggest you temporarily ditch the Superhero skin in your profile settings. It appears to be broken, at the moment. Your screenshot looks exactly like the problems I was seeing, so it doesn't seem to be either OS or browser related, but an actual broken style sheet for Superhero.

    Thank you anomalaus! Super Hero is broken! Many thanks for you guys finding the solution!

  • NOW, the Cyborg skin appears to be broken too! What's happening, is the forum being hacked?

  • @anomalaus Really? I'm still using it, and don't see anything unusual.

  • @Miss-B just captured these three screen shots:
    0_1517812415446_Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 5.32.05 pm.png 0_1517812431796_Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 5.32.23 pm.png 0_1517812448912_Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 5.32.38 pm.png
    See what you get changing your profile skin.
    Every skin except No skin, Default, Paper and Readable give me vertical columns of header icons, instead of horizontal.

  • I'm having the same problem and am currently on No Skin because that's the only way I can reply to a thread. Otherwise when I click reply I get this huge text box but can't type in it.

    I had just logged in from my phone before and I thought maybe that had something to do with it when I came to the pc. Maybe it retains something from the mobile browser? I use Firefox on my phone as well so I don't know.

    On the pc I tried with Firefox, chrome and IE and still get the same problems.

  • I got the same using the slate skin. I switched to default and that works.

  • I wonder if the site admins have backups from a month ago. It might be informative to see if anything has changed. My suspicion is that someone is modifying a style sheet (other that the defaults) and letting it go live without sufficient testing prior to implementing some new feature. Otherwise I call "Shenanigans"!

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    I think I know the direct cause, but not sure how this is coming into existence.

    For some of the styles, the navigation bar (ul) style (.navbar-nav) is being set to display: block (the correct value) and for others, it is display: flex (incorrect).

    The individual items (li) in the nav bar are set to float: left, which should arrange them in a horizontal row. But you can't float elements if the parent element has display:flex as well - it's just not going to be respected. The result is that the nav elements become float: none and everything goes to hell.

    The incorrect style setting is coming from bootstrap. For example, while I'm set to the "Spacelab" skin, it comes from:


    It looks to me that our SM forum server is configured to tell our browsers to go grab this css file from a live, updating web source, which, if that's the case, is very dangerous, for many reasons.

    The reason we don't all see the same thing is because of caching, and also because of the bootstrap content distribution network. Some of us will get redirected to one server and others will go to another. Thus, we're not all hitting the same physical servers in the CDN.

    As well, depending on when the changes were emitted, and when each of us cached those changes, and what each CDN server is set to for cache expiration, we could individually experience retention of these bad values for differing intervals.

    This makes all the individual user reports of "This style works for me" vs. "This style doesn't work for me" utterly pointless. Please stop adding to that noise.

    The site needs to be maintained. Need a competent UI guy on the case.