Broken? style sheet in Graphics Forum header issue

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    I think I know the direct cause, but not sure how this is coming into existence.

    For some of the styles, the navigation bar (ul) style (.navbar-nav) is being set to display: block (the correct value) and for others, it is display: flex (incorrect).

    The individual items (li) in the nav bar are set to float: left, which should arrange them in a horizontal row. But you can't float elements if the parent element has display:flex as well - it's just not going to be respected. The result is that the nav elements become float: none and everything goes to hell.

    The incorrect style setting is coming from bootstrap. For example, while I'm set to the "Spacelab" skin, it comes from:


    It looks to me that our SM forum server is configured to tell our browsers to go grab this css file from a live, updating web source, which, if that's the case, is very dangerous, for many reasons.

    The reason we don't all see the same thing is because of caching, and also because of the bootstrap content distribution network. Some of us will get redirected to one server and others will go to another. Thus, we're not all hitting the same physical servers in the CDN.

    As well, depending on when the changes were emitted, and when each of us cached those changes, and what each CDN server is set to for cache expiration, we could individually experience retention of these bad values for differing intervals.

    This makes all the individual user reports of "This style works for me" vs. "This style doesn't work for me" utterly pointless. Please stop adding to that noise.

    The site needs to be maintained. Need a competent UI guy on the case.

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    @anomalaus said in Broken? style sheet in Graphics Forum header issue:

    I wonder if the site admins have backups from a month ago. It might be informative to see if anything has changed. My suspicion is that someone is modifying a style sheet (other that the defaults) and letting it go live without sufficient testing prior to implementing some new feature. Otherwise I call "Shenanigans"!

    Backups don't help. The data is changing in the bootstrap CDN, not in our site here.

  • They are looking into this.

  • @kalypso OK, well, I wasn't seeing it last night, but now that I've logged off, and rebooted the computer this morning, I'm also seeing that weird banner. I'm not having a problem typing this response, so we shall see what happens. I don't want to switch to Default, because my poor sensitive eyes can't take an all white background for any length of time.

  • It is impossible to post in the forums now, when you are getting white text on a white background.

  • @Deecey I had to set my style to default so I could read and post. Stark white background is harsh on the eyes.

  • @ghostship I agree which is why I don't want to change it.

    It would just be nice to see it working again.

  • @Deecey You know, at first I was just going to say, that I wasn't getting any text at all. I've not been able to post while viewing in my usual Cyborg skin, but I thought it was because it was opening full page, and even though I tried writing a response, I couldn't see it, NOR could I select it, which would make it visible if it was white on white. In fact, there's no Discard or Submit buttons, just the white "+" in a red circle, and forget about backing out of it. I had to leave the forum and come back.

    Sooooo, I just switched to the Default skin to type this message, and guess what I saw . . . you guessed it, I saw the 4 or 5 words I had started to type while in the Cyborg skin, so it WAS typing, white on white, but I couldn't select it, nor delete it. So white on white isn't the only problem. I couldn't Discard it, or Submit it, because the buttons are missing too.

    Very weird, and I really wish they'd get this fixed.

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    Unbelievable!! Been 2 weeks and not a beep from SM about this and the problem is still here.

  • The issue is with the writers of the forum software.

    Things like css, style sheets, etc, are pulled off of their repository.

  • There is a patch to correct this version of the forum software, or it can be updated to the newest version.

    Let me see what I can do to get this resolved.

    Thanks for your patience.

  • @shvrdavid Good news, thank you for letting us know.

  • I just changed my skin setting to No Skin and voila, this forum is now readable again !

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    Not for me. :(

  • Until now, I never experienced a problem with this forum, but probably living on the other side, I'm not using the same servers as all of you...

  • @ibr_remote Oh I had to reset my skin to Default to get it to work properly, not just for reading, but for adding posts, and the stupid banner area I was seeing with my preferred Cyborg skin.

  • I don't think I can take this white anymore. Is there maybe a specific browser or an addon that will dim the white on a page? I don't want to make changes to my monitor just for this forum.

  • @kalypso I have Chrome and an add-on called Dark Mode. Literally a flip of the switch, and you get a dark background. Some websites end up looking a little strange due to the change, but otherwise, it is probably simplest fix for now.

  • @Ghostman - the dark forum skin I was originally using has such small fonts, I really had to squint hard. The fonts in the No Skin forum version, those I can read more easily.

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    Now using the plugin for Chrome called Care Your Eyes. Works pretty good. Atleast the white BG is gone now. :)