Changing individual colors with fill tool?

  • I'm having an issue with the fill tool. Normally, when I color a line drawing, I duplicate the layer the outline is on and fill in the colors on the bottom layer. But for an image I've created recently, I've accidentally filled the image on the same layer. So I have an image with a blue outline and a white fill.

    I want to change the outline to a different shade of blue but when I use the fill tool on the outline, it fills the entire image instead of just the outline, making it appear as a silhouette. I've had this problem for a while but I always just worked around it by creating new layers to color it. Is there a way, with the fill tool or another tool, to change the outline color while leaving the rest alone?

  • Unless I have misunderstood your problem...there are lots of ways to resolve that... here are some of them...

    1. you could go to Selection>Select Color Gamut and pick any part of your blue outline and it will select it all... and then fill that selection with the color you wanted.
    2. your existing method should work ... except that you probably need to reduce the Color Margin setting on your fill tool
    3. If you are intending to leave the white fill as white then you could just click the "Layer Color" effect in the Layer property palette and adjust the linework color.
    4. you could convert it to a Monochrome layer. Then apply the layer color effect and then re-rasterize it
    5. I created for myself a Replace color tool.... Do this by duplicating a fill tool and switch off the setting called "follow Adjacent Pixel" .... With this you would pick your new linework color and then click with it onto a single part of your existing linework and it will instantly change all your linework

  • Thanks. Reducing the color margin helped