• SO time for another question.
    I am trying to create a scene in which three characters are talking( answering questions from each other) I used the talk designer and loaded the audio files to characters. Problem is I can only get one file to play in the scene at once. I have them layered set up on the layers animation pallet with timeline setup. I have searched online and looked at different tutorials buit cant seem to find anything explaining how to basically create a conversation.
    If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciatted

  • @wallace11
    Create your audio track with all the conversation in a video or audio editing program (Audacity is free).
    Then you import the audio track into Poser as an MP3 or WAV. Here's an example:

    This is all one Poser file and one audio track.
    It's more advantageous to do your mix in a video editor, so you can sync up and adjust your pose test to audio before doing final animation.

  • @krios
    Question when you say that is all one poser file. All the camera editing and such what program did you use for it.

  • @wallace11
    All the 'editing' as it were is done in Poser. The Dolly camera is used for final view and the rest for work. The cuts are nothing more then the camera "jumping" from one position (shot) to the next (shot), or from one frame to the next with no extra frames in-between.

    This method of "real time" editing in Poser is far superior to the more traditional method of stringing various shots together in post production. Makes it easy to fine tune the cuts and adjust the flow of the sequence. If nothing else, at least the video editing part in post can be skipped, because the audio track is perfectly synced with the animation.

    One of the downside is dynamic cloth simulations, which tend to freak out if the position/movement of a character is not perfectly continuous across cuts.