• Could someone maybe help me with this. I had downloaded the envirosphere from Bagginsbill. Got it added to props library and was using it, great. I accidently deleted the file from poser now I cant remember how to save 3rd party content. Looked all over for Instructions but cant find any. Does someone have a step by step instructions on how to do this.

  • @wallace11 you want to know how to save presets and stuff to your library?

  • Yes, especially things like the envirosphere or other models I buy. Like Ireecently bought a model from renderosity site for poser. I downloaded the Zip files to my desktop. How do I get those files into my poser library. I know this something I am doing wrong and it is a simple solution.

  • @wallace11 when you buy stuff they come zipped up. Open the zip and inside you will find a bunch of nested folders that will mimic your runtime folder. Just move the files over to where you keep your runtime. Pose library stuff goes in the Pose folder, character stuff goes in the character folder etc. I unpack and install ALL my purchased content manually like that so I can choose where the stuff goes. ALERT: Textures and Geometries need to go EXACTLY in the same folders as they came in or your pose/props/character presets wont be able to find them.

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    Note sure if you saw this: On the EnvSphere page which is here
    It says:

    "Download the zip file - EnvSphere.zip. It contains a standard runtime structure. Within it there are some props and some materials. Unzip these either to one of your existing runtimes, or into its own runtime."

    I don't recommend unzip into Poser's main runtime as that makes it annoying to transport your additions to a new computer or a new version of Poser. Or worse, deleted along with uninstalling Poser!

    It's better to have your own stuff in a separate runtime.

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    @wallace11 said in envirosphere:

    How do I get those files into my poser library.

    You unzip INTO the target library (or copy the extracted runtime into another and then discard) if you want to merge with other existing stuff. Note that unzipping into an existing folder merges on Windows but I've heard on Mac it tends to replace the target folder's contents entirely which is nasty. For that situation you have to grab the individual folders inside each library folder - tedious.

    Or you can just use that runtime as its own standalone external runtime.

  • @bagginsbill Yes, on macOS, the folder level replace used to be a nasty trap for the unwary, replacing, rather than merging the copied hierarchy. To avoid that I used to use a little app called Ditto, which would let you select a destination folder/runtime, and would then merge into that any folders you dragged onto Ditto's source window.

    The latest versions of macOS are now much friendlier, with a merge/replace/apply-to-all dialogue popping up in the Finder, when you drag folders on top of one another.