Opening Poser 11 scenes in Poser 10

  • Poser 11 scenes will not display properly in Poser 10, first it reports the version number is newer than expected, which I understand, I've seen it before. Then it says it can't find the construct.obj or something like that. I found the construct prop in poser 11 and copied it to the poser 10 runtime, now when the scene opens the grid is flat and folded over itself.
    Is there a fix for this?

  • @jmf1964 the reason Poser 10 can't automatically find construct.obz, which is the compressed geometry file for the Poser 11 construct (it's replacement for Poser 10's square ground plane) is because you have not yet added the Poser 11 Runtime to Poser 10's libraries, so it can't search for the file.

    Having opened the file, which you could still have opened directly without copying, if you told Poser 10 where to find it in the Poser 11 Content :Runtime:Geometries:Primitives:Construct.obz, and then gone through the same location process with all the other items referred to, such as areaLite.obj, the Construct object, which gets loaded as a prop called GROUND, replacing the Poser 10 square ground plane, does, indeed appear to be squashed flat, as though it's Y-Scale were 0%, which is normally impossible, as most objects in Poser 10 had internally imposed limits which prevented them having scale parameters less that 0.001, or thereabouts.

    I suspect that this relates to Poser 10's special relationship with the GROUND prop, whose default flat square has no Y dimension and so cannot respond to any applied Y scaling, therefore they internally locked it to 0. The morphs all work, but they only apply to the floor vertices, not the sky dome which has been internally zero-scaled into the floor.

    I would suggest that you try to import the Construct.obz as a WaveFront OBJ into Poser 10 (with all the OBJ import options off), rather than as a replacement for the built-in GROUND prop, which has special, internal handling. You don't get the morphs, but you can probably copy them from the supplanted GROUND prop already in the scene (which you can't, unfortunately, delete, because reasons).

    0_1517476853937_Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 8.20.14 pm.png