about saving CRs in Poser P11

  • Poser P11 will save the OBJs for CRs into the same folder, most of us a aware. What is not so evident, is that if you save a backup version of your CR2 into the same folder, and you give the backup some other filename, it will still only refer to that original-named OBJ file.

    Therefore, if you later intend to move the backup CR2 into a proper Backup subfolder, you must COPY the referenced OBJ file as well.

    The CR2, XMP and PNG files for the backup can be moved into the backup folder without worry.

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    The obj is saved to the character folder along with the first cr2 save. If you move the obj to another folder, and change the obj reference in the cr2 to point to the new location, then you can save copies of that same cr2 to the library from within poser and the obj reference will stay the same as what you set it to, until you enter the setup room again. Once you do that, and save the cr2 it will change the obj reference lines in the cr2 back to the same folder and create a new copy of the obj in that folder, so you'll have to change the reference again.

    There are two lines in the cr2 that reference the obj file. They both start with figureresfile: - change those two lines to where ever you want the obj to be stored and it will load that obj, regardless of where you save the cr2.

  • @AmbientShade Helpful notes, thanks !

  • A new copy oft the obj is saved if geometry is modified. If another copy oft the CR2 is saved later, the last modified obj is referenced.

  • @adp oh... I see. Noted, thanks.