Quick snapshot of canvas

  • In Photoshop I was able to CTRL+SHIFT+C to create a copy or snapshot of the canvas I was working on, without having to flatten it all and remember to unflatten, but haven't found a way to do it without having to save a jpg or png. Does anyone know a way to do it? Thanks!

  • @artboymoy you are on a Mac. I don't think there is any other way to do it other than paste it into document and save. Maybe there is a little app out there somewhere that does this but that is just as inconvenient.

  • You could go to Layer and select Combine Copies of Displayed Layers. Then go to Edit and click Copy. You could make it an action and assign Ctrl+Shift+C as a Shortcut to run that action.

  • @garlam This is great. Just what I was looking for and I just made a shortcut for shift+crtl+c in the settings. Now is there a way for when you have that layer copied and in the clipboard that when you go to create a new canvas, it uses the dimension of the clipboard image as a starting point? Sorry if I'm piggybacking quetions.

  • I can't think of a way to do that. In order for a canvas to be created from an image (a jpg image for example) the image would need to be dragged onto the blank area (no canvas) of the CSP interface. The image would open up as a new canvas. When the image is in the clipboard, it's sort of in limbo. The way to get it out of limbo is to paste it somewhere. With no canvas opened in the CSP interface you can't use paste. So you can can't drag and drop out of clipboard and you can't paste without a canvas.

  • @garlam Blerg. Thanks again for the info! Just trying to find some MS5ex ways to do the same thing as I was able to do in PS without doing a lot of extra steps.