Two questions: Name change and GOZ

  • Question #1) How do I change my display name? I can't even edit my profile due to a 'username too long' error. I don't want my email name to be my username.

    Question #2) I am a content creator, but I cannot find GOZ in Poser. Any suggestions? It does not appear in my downloads library, and although I have Zbrush identifying Poser, there is no menu option in Poser.

  • Poser Ambassadors

    GoZ is only available in the Pro version of Poser. You can find it in the Object menue at the bottom.
    Export Object Mesh To GoZ.

    And at the bottom of the Figure menue.
    Export Figure Mesh To GoZ.

  • Greetings,
    I purchased Poser through the 2014 Game Dev upgrade (which did have GoZ). I guess I upgraded to a lesser version of Poser, for some mysterious reason. Oh well, I would have created some interesting content. Thanks for the answer.