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  • It's about two years old, but thought you guys might like to read this review of Poser 11 from Creative Bloq.

    I found it while looking around for other Poser forums online.

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    @eclark1849 Well, not really a great note for Poser 11. 4 from 10......

  • @Ladonna Honestly, I don't actually disagree on a lot of the criticism. But I will say that Poser and SM have a bit of a conundrum on their hands. On one hand, SM and Poser have been trying to position the software as a more creative ('do it yourself") type of program. But DAZ, which basically owns the content marketplace, has positioned itself and DS to be a more "ready to render" source of content. Unfortunately, that tends to make Poser look harder to use by comparison and not quite ready for "primetime".

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    @eclark1849 As you know, I use both. DS and Poser. Well Poser more often than DS and since Evolution is out, I don't touch DS anymore with Genesis.
    DS is how you say, "ready to render" app, while Poser support more people who like to "find their way" by their own.
    Both has their strength and weakness. DS lights as example are more easy to use and gives way better results than the lights from Poser, which I find honestly horrible.
    The other hand, Poser gives me more freehand to create my stuff. The cloth room , material room, unbeatable in Poser vs DS.
    The hair room could need an update, but with some effort you can create here some amazing results without extra costs.
    And there is it, extra costs. DS is by any mean, not really free. All the Plug ins, morphs cost really heavy money.

  • @eclark1849

    I would disagree with their criticism of the SuperFly renderer, its not slower than IRAY, in many cases is similar or faster than IRAY, agree IRAY have few more features but when is comes how both renders, they are similar

    For many people or total beginners in Poser material room, its really daunting and confusing(wish they are saw earlier @bagginsbill FireFly shaders) but with Cycles you don't need to have so many shaders or

    And 12 hours per render, not sure what CPU did they used etc but this I never saw in my renders, I render mostly with SuperFly and my renders are usually in 15-45 mins as max for interior renders, saw 2 hour max render which has been done with GTX Titan X and GTX780 but now my renders are lot faster as I think Cycles never been optimized for Maxwell GPUs

    I still prefer to use Poser than DS, I use DS only for exporting Genesis and then rendering in Poser SuperFly

    Tried like DS IRAY or Corona or Octane and if I could I would love to have Corona renderer in Poser which is fast renderer and have awesome features, Octane is not bad but still you need to have GPUs for rendering

    Hope this helps

    Thanks, Jura