In praise of the Fitting Room (again)

  • I already posted on this a couple of times, but as I insist on keeping evidence of things that don't work well in Poser it's only fair for me to insist on things that work well.

    Case in point: I got a new uniform for the cheerleaders team; just plain old 2 set piece - long sleeves sweater and skirt, modeled in Marvelous Designer 2 in some 20 minutes using a V3 mannequin. Just import all as one object, then fit to Vic3, TeraiYuki2, Judy5 and Alyson2, then convert to conforming with morph import, all in some 30 minutes total.

    Tremendous productivity! Brand new cloth fitted and conformed to 4 different characters in less than an hour!

    The fitting room is indeed an awesome achievement of software engineering. Very happy with that! I bet that Maya doesn't have anything close to that.

  • That is awesome. I love to see the outfit. I am a big fan of Victoria 3, Terai Yuki 2, and Alyson 2.

    How easy is Marvelous Designer to learn? I want clothes for the older figures but no one makes them.

  • Oh, MD is very simple and intuitive; I never actually had to open the manual...

    (... err... I lie, I had to google once to learn how to pin a vertex to the body.. then I had to google again as again I forgot the command :D...)

    Anyway, just watch a 5 mins demo video and you're set. Now, some tricks require more digging; I always thought it was very complicated to make a big butterfly bow knot, but someone had such an incredibly simple idea on how to do that and once I saw I could make it very easily too. Some things are like that.

    Now, a disclaimer... I know zero of sewing; so when people talk about pleating, crimping, tacking, dog ears and whatnots, I have no idea what they are talking about. All my clothes are very simple - I can hardly distinguish a hem from a ham... :(

  • Here's a sample, willdial, from this morning; I was thinking in some sort of ghost story setup:


    The dress (a nightgown of some sort) is very basic, but it had zero changes, adjustments, editing or fiddling; that's just a straight import from MD, and Fitting Room fully conforms to Terain and gets all her morphs. That first version took some 15 minutes from starting making in MD to getting it fitted and conformed in Poser.

    I didn't actually save a print screen of that particular dress because I didn't like the shoulders; I wanted bigger fluffy shoulders, so after an hour of back and forth in MD I changed it to the cloth below in MD (not imported yet to Poser), with a V3 mannequin; you see that the actual cloth cuts and sewing lines (the dashed lines) on the right pane are extremely simple; the clothes on the left are are the front side, on the right at the back side.


    I'm not really sure what I want for that nightgown, so I just play around to see what happens; but for sure that low cut will have to get higher - it's too indecent. And I'll need to build a lace of some sort for the front.

  • I would like to praise the fitting room too. I got the M3 Millenium Beard to fit on M4. I did have to use Crossdresser to transfer the (longer & goatee) morphs and then transfer all of M4 morphs to it but it works perfectly now!