Ultimate workstation for working with big canvases and eliminating brush lag in Clip Studio

  • In theory, how far could you go in eliminating brush lag for big and complex brushes when working with 10k-20k canvases if you had $5000 to spend on a build? Please note that I am not looking for software or workflow tips.

  • I guess you have not had an answer because its difficult to say unless someone has a wide range of computers to try it on . ... but here is what I do know. ... I create a very large canvas and I draw a line with a huge brush.... getting maximum lag.

    1. its not memory bound ... my 16GBs of memory is only 30% utilized.... Speed of memory maybe ?...I can't tell.
    2. I have an AMD CPU 4.1 ghz base speed 2 cores 4 logical processes.. ( ok but not special) ... when drawing that very laggy line CPU usage goes up from base by only about 27%. By comparison opening a new internet site in Chrome it will peak at 100%. So I am suspecting that although claimed to be multithreaded the act of rendering the laggy line is single threaded. i.e. it may not help having lots of cores

    Whether the graphics card comes into play I do not know ( but I do have quite a powerful one ... so overall I am suspecting its all about CPU speed and not compensated by multiple cores. ( and probably RAM speed ) I would be interested in what anyone else has found or knows. e.g. does it perform better on AMD Ryzen or Intel ?

    That said it is all about usage and workflow and in particular brush design ... in real work I rarely have Lag problems at all.

    I also tried it while running the unsharp mask and a big Gaussian blur ... both of which also take a long time to complete..... even these peaked at the same CPU level of about 27% above what the other dormant programs are consuming. And a really odd observation... when the gaussian blur is in preview mode it rises up this "maximum " of 27" and stays there ... even if its computed the blur and waiting for you to click OK... if I switch off the preview it goes back to zero and if I click preview on again it comes back to 27% and stays there ( what the hell is it doing ? ). Anyway... its still making me suspect that its not multithreaded when performing rendering operations.

  • @888toto thanks. I'd like to know the difference (if any) how Clip Studio uses hardware compared to Photoshop since the knowledge base of PS is vast.