How to make the Eraser be the exact same size as the Circle/Icon it indicates?

  • I know the title might be confusing, but I think with an image I might explain better.
    The actual circle representing the Eraser is not really the size of the eraser. So, when I am trying to Line Sculpt, or erase something preciselly, its usually a problem.

    In this image, you can see the size of the Eraser, and as I am trying to erase that gray circle, it only starts to actually erase when the middle of the circle reaches the lines.

    alt text

    Does anyone know how to fix it?

  • The Circular size cursor represents the maximum size of the brush or eraser. A few things can cause the brush or eraser to actually be smaller than that. The most common is that brush/eraser SIZE is set to respond to pen pressure. If you switch off the eraser or brushes size response to pen pressure then it will usually be the same size as the cursor.

    Other factors can be

    1. its a very soft brush eraser... designed to eraser more in its center than towards its edges.
    2. The original brush tip shape was defined with empty space around the tip image ( unlikely to be the case for your eraser unless you designed the eraser yourself)
    3. In theory it could happen if the brush/eraser is set to "Anti-Overflow: Do not exceed line of reference layer" .... however in the case of erasers I don't think that really kicks in.
    4. If the eraser/brush is set up as a spray.... in which case the relationship between brush size and actual effect size is complex.

  • Thank you very much 888toto, that was exactly the case. I didn't think of the Pen Pressure.

    I switched to the "rough eraser" and now it is of the exact same size as the cursor. Thank you very much :)