What do you think? - PE eyebrows question

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    I would like to have some feedback on an idea for PE.

    This idea is about conforming eyebrows, so they move with the morphs and the handles.
    The big advantage is you can match the color to hairmodels or not make them purple also nice.lol

    The dilemma I have currently is how do I organise the folder structure.
    I want to make separate eyebrows NO1/NO2…etc but I also want to make characters for PE that get 1 eyebrows included, different then the no1/2/… brows.
    So those brows are named after the character.

    Would you prefer a runtime structure with an eyebrows folder with all the brows in it, or would you like to have when dealing with a complete character to have the brow in that specific character’s folder?

    So the separate brows have a count no1,no2…etc, but the brows included with the character are named after the character.

    Or any other feedback on this is very welcome, cause I cannot seem to figure out what’s best.

    Thank you all!

  • I'd prefer both.
    Seriously, PE already has default script-loaded characters. Put eyebrows in character folder and script to load it in eyebrows folder or vice versa. Or just duplicate it.

  • I personally organize hair by figure, but because yours are cross figure, I have completely separate Biscuits Hair folders. So for me, Biscuits Eyebrows folders would feel normal.

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    @phdubrov thank you for your reply!
    With both I have technical path reference issues to the pmd, I’m afraid.
    I can do a info thumbnail, so let ppl know where the eyebrows are though.

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    @RobZhena Thank you Rob!

  • Really doesn't matter to me, as I usally rename and place my files where I want them, then scrub/edit any cr2, py, etc to reflect to where I've placed things.

  • Doesn't matter much to me either Biscuits, as I also put things where I want them.

    I'm familiar with your Info thumbnails for your hair products, but I put all Hair in the Hair folder, not the Prop folder as you have them set up, and all works just fine.

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    @Biscuits Agree with others. I think most of us anyway re-organize in our own prefered structure.

  • @Biscuits What they said. :)

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    Ok! Thank you all!

  • Geeze, I actually had to switch to the Default skin in order to post on this forum. I haven't had to do that before. ~shakes head~

    Anyway, @Biscuits I was just playing with your PE Skin Merchant Resource set I picked up the other day, and I noticed there are NO eyebrows on your Head map.

    Was that because you were planning on creating the conforming eyebrows you're referring to in this thread? I would really like to use your skins, as I'm not too thrilled with the default textures that come with PE, but no eyebrows???

  • @Miss-B Well actually I prefer it that way so I don't have to clone them out and replace them each time. You'd be amazed at how much a character changes with different eyebrows. I had bought a couple of eyebrow resources and like to apply my own. But, yeah, maybe one default as an overlay would have been useful as a guide as well.

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    Yes, all my skin resources don’t have painted on eyebrows.

    There are several reasons that I decided to do it that way:

    • Character Creators often want to add their own eyebrows, to make that creative decision themselves.
    • If I would add the eyebrows on the colormap and on all the other maps as-well, for the best effect, creators had to clone first all eyebrows out on all maps before adding their own.
    • It’s also a way to avoid that every character made with this resource looks alike.
    • I personally have a thing for real thick caterpillar eyebrows, not everyone does! Lol
    • I also indeed kept the options open for conforming mesh eyebrows, cause they do not have the disadvantages painted on brows have, like matching the haircolor and having to edit all other maps aswell.
    • It gives creators the most freedom and is less limiting.
    • I have a separate eyebrow resource creators can use as is or mix with photos or their own handpainted brows.


    I hope my thinking makes sense a bit. Lol

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    I add a PE eyebrow guide (and makeup) to my freestuff this weekend.
    Thank you for the suggestion!

  • @Biscuits Yes that does make sense. As an end user, rather than a content creator, I'm lazy.

    That said, however, since this set is an MR, which character creators can use, I understand why you, or they, wouldn't want all their characters having the exact same eyebrows.

    I just saw your other post about adding a "guide" to your freestuff at Renderosity, which I will keep an eye out for, and thanks for the link to your eyebrow resource. I was just thinking of some eyebrow brushes for PS I bought years ago, so I may try that for starters. and see where it leads.

    Now to figure out how to add lipstick. Nail polish was easy, but I'm having a devil of a time adding color to PE's lips, unless I edit the map, which I don't want to do. We shall see,

  • @Miss-B said in What do you think? - PE eyebrows question:

    Now to figure out how to add lipstick. Nail polish was easy, but I'm having a devil of a time adding color to PE's lips, unless I edit the map, which I don't want to do. We shall see,

    You can easily adapt Atenais' Classic Genesis 2 (makeups and lipsticks) to PE by resizing and moving the appropriate zones in Photoshop. Once you've done that, it's only a matter of making layers visible/invisible. You do have to save individual maps, however.

  • @Miss-B there are 2 lip masks in maps. And layers, if we are talking P11/SF.

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  • @Biscuits That beats my kludge!

  • @phdubrov I finally got it working. There's several Blend/Blender nodes, and I finally figured out which one would work, because just adding a lip color to Diffuse or Alternate Diffuse, doesn't apply the lip mask, and then she's got lipstick outside all around her lips as well.