Preview files in CMYK?

  • So I'm looking to create files for (professional) print, which means working in CMYK rather than RGB. Can someone point me in the direction of a tutorial or other instructional that details how I can see a preview of what a Clip Studio Paint file will look like in CMYK?

    Also, for the love of all that's holy, can someone explain WHY a 'professional' application like CSP -- ostensibly to be used for comic books, which are traditionally PRINTED on paper -- would not work natively with CMYK, the standard for ALL printed matter for the better part of a century?

  • Go to the menu item View>Color Profile>Preview settings . Now I suggest you click the radio button called "configure only on this window"
    Now you can open the list of "Profile for Preview " and select any CMYK profile that you like . In my list it has also automatically included a bunch of profiles from my printer ... so I can also see how its going to look from my printer with differrent types of paper. With each profile that you pick the image on screen will instantly change to that profile.

    I guess It works natively in RGB because computers and computer screens are natively RGB