Poser Pro 2012 Install Hybrid

  • I have a problem with not knowing if this will work. I ordered this product through Amazon with the hope I could install it to a 32bit computer. How do I know if this will install? I didn't see an option when the Wizard popped up. I thought I would have the option put to me whether I wanted to install as 64 or 32bit. And what restrictions are there on a Hybrid version please?



  • I assume you're referring to 32-bit Windows? If so, the installer won't offer you any options, because it would be pointless to install 64-bit binaries. It will proceed directly with a 32-bit install.

    Hybrid in the case of Poser means that both OS X and Windows are supported by the given product. There are no inherent restrictions to hybrid versions, other than the usual ones (if you own one license and install on both OS X and Windows, you can only use one installation at a time).

  • @Uli-Klumpp Thanks Uli. It did install okay but when I launched it from the Desktop I had a message returned saying "Poser executable file has stopped working". Now what do I do?


  • Make sure you have the latest updater applied, and if that doesn't help, contact Tech Support via https://support.smithmicro.com.

    Sounds like you may be running an unsupported configuration. Pro 2012 won't run on systems with Internet Explorer 11 installed unless you update to SR3.2.