Buy this under your own risk!! SMITHMICRO doesn't seem to care for this software...

  • Hi, I've been a user of Motionartist for more than 4 years and is a pity that Smithmicro doesn't care for it. I'll never buy anything of them, and if anyone asks me my opinion about any product by SM, I would immediatly aware them of this (for me) very unrealiable company that developes poor software. With Motionartist they showed me a great idea of a sotware, but with very poor performance and a lot of issues that make it unreliable. Maybe they just care now for the mobile apps, and not for "secondary software" like MA.

    I'm going to list all it's flaws in a detailed way.

    1. Working a project with large images is a NIGHTMARE. Be prepared, if the images you use are HD (1920 x 1080) the program will crash in the most unexpected forms you can imagine. You zoom, it may crash, you move a panel, it may crash, you change a text, it may crash, you render a still image, it may crash, you breath, it may crash (the last one was sarcastic, of course). And the worst is that your file may get corrupt and never ever open again. When I contact support about it, sending them the file they just said "you know, softwares can make a corrupt file for no specific reason, just save more versions to avoid this". So, after that lesson, I use to save in 5 different files for each project. And don't try the autosave, it will slow your work with the freezing time to autosave, and besides, the autosave file may get corrupt too...

    2. TEXT TOOL IS SO LIMITED AND SO UNEFFICIENT. One very important thing in any professional comic you read, is that text has to be dynamic, sometimes bold, sometimes italic, sometimes another font in the same text balloon. Well, in MA you can't. The text tool is so poorly designed that you can only use one font per balloon with only one size and one style. I mean, if you choose comic sans normal at 16, you can't use bold, italic or change the size for a specific word or phrase in the same box or balloon. But that's not all, ohh no! Try selecting a detailed font and the program will freeze and crash, and don't expect to use opentype because it won't recognize it. The worst part of the tool font is that it behaves erratically. You can try changing thickness of a margin, press apply, then ok, and realize the change was not made. And never ever, use autosave if you're using text. If you're writting a new text and it autosaves, the tool will just close without any change you did.

    3. THE RENDER OPTIONS ARE PRETTY WORSE. Sure, you can render as HTML, and upload it to the motiontv that nobody sees. You can also render in sizes like ipad, iphone, etc... But if you want to render a video in HD (1920 x 1080) your only option is AVI, with the PREHISTORIC codec that only allows you to make files smaller than 3.5 gb. I contact support about it, and they lied to me saying that "it's not possible to make AVI's bigger than 3,5, because of the format". The only way is to render image stills, which by the way takes and ethernity... and then you can use a free old software like virtualdub to build your uncompressed avi of 20 gb. I don't remember the name of the lier from support, but I dare him to explain me this, why with a free really old software I can render a very very big AVI? Wasn't that impossible??? They could have developed MA with MP4, Windows media, Mpeg 2, MOV, just like Pinnacle studio that costs almost the same as MA.

    4. DON'T EXPECT A NEW VERSION. I believe there won't be a new version of MA, and if they make a new one, I don't think they won't correct any issues. It seems they developed it so poorly (like the text tool, for example), that really improving it must not be profitable because they would need to start almost from the begining...

    It's a pity, because if it worked well, it would become a great and incredible tool very flexible and very easy to use.

    Just if somebody (specially staff from smithmicro) thinks my pc is the problem, I've run MA in 3 different computers, now I'm working on an Asus 16gb ram, i7 6th generation, gamer edition, that runs perfectly more complex and heavier software handling images in full hd, like afterimages, daz studio, pinnacle ultimate 21. Also I use regularly Cubase with 60 audio tracks and orquestal virtual instruments (my main job is a music producer).

    Thanks for reading this.