Animation Sets : can anyone get these to work correctly?

  • @h.elwood.gilliland the only reason I don't bother with the frame ranges when having my scripts save pose information, is that the extreme flexibility of having a separate range of frames saved for each specified parameter doesn't align with what I'm using AnimSets to provide a template for: that being to save the state of multiple, selected actors, and a chosen subset of their parameters to one of either: a single, multi-frame animation pose; a series of single frame static poses over the chosen range; or, a single frame. The frame range selection for those options is, I find, best chosen at the instant of saving to the library, rather than planned beforehand and configured in the AnimSet template.

    It doesn't mean I cannot or would not use the frame range information from AnimSets, just that I haven't found a reason to spend the effort to configure the AnimSets I create to include anything other than the first frame, since I can't predict at AnimSet creation time, what frame ranges will be used by any particular scene. Unless, of course, I choose to create an AnimSet which only relates to a single, fixed-length scene, as a one-off.

    [Somewhat off-topic discourse for background]
    My typical scene scenario, though I do occasionally do animations, is a variously clothed base figure, which has multiple AnimSets devoted to being able to save complete or partial poses (arms, or legs only, for example), with or without the full body character defining morphs, but including pose related morphs which simulate (without actual simulation) soft-body dynamics. Then a series of AnimSets associated with each item of clothing (which typically don't include any of the transform parameters, as they are inherited by conforming), to allow me to save the poke-through-correcting or style selection morphs which are required to match that piece of conforming clothing to the figure's current pose (whatever the conforming does not automatically compensate for).

    The scripts I have written, include using CustomData for each figure to encode the frame number (for my internal reference) and the Pose File Name (including full path) applied (or to be applied). In that way, a single script run can automatically parse a selected folder in the library, and apply all the pose files to the relevant base and conformed figures (using readScript lines to apply a pose and then call a subordinate python script to select the next figure in the scene or skip figures with no relevant pose). Conversely, another script can make use of the CustomData to create a series of poses for each figure and save them in the defined folders in the library (one per base or clothing figure) labelled with the Pose Name.

    After the multi-figure, multi-frame save, I can then peruse the library folders for each base or clothing figure and see the individual saved poses, with appropriate, pre-defined names for later use, knowing that commonly named clothing poses will match the base figure's pose. As an adjunct, I can build a single pose file, which, when applied to the base figure, will also apply the matching clothing poses to the appropriate figures.