What is the fastest way to build straight lines?

  • Hi guys, so I am practicing on scenarios and backgrounds.

    So far I know of 3 methods of making straight lines:

    1- Hold down shift with the Pen tool selected and click on the desired end to make a straight line.
    2 - Use the line tool
    3 - Use the ruler.

    Wich one do you use, and which one is the fastest to build up a background using 1, 2 or 3 points perspective?

    Thank you very much :)

  • the perspective rulers are pretty fast but I think you hit on the big three in your list.

  • I think I need more practice with the perspective rulers :(

  • If you are using a pen enabled screen , like a Cintiq, then its easy to forget that you can also just use a physical ruler resting on the surface. If you know how to draw in perspective then I doubt there is anything faster.

  • I don't own a Cintiq :(
    Am thinking of buying a Huion Kamvas, wich is similar but much cheaper. I can't afford a Cintiq :(