Change Heigh 3d Doll

  • Well and the ears look small

  • @uncle808us I posted a link to the manual that explains how to do this.

    To Abe. If you're going to make a huge mesomorphic body like that you might want to make the hands feet and head a little bigger.

  • Here's a doll with the head, hands, feet arms, and torso extended a bit to match the added muscles.


    If you make a shorter character (doll stand in) then you would want to reduce the size of those things.


    If you find the ears or nose too small or too big on the figure then you just draw them bigger or smaller. The figure is a reference.

  • How did you do that? Just increase the slider or more than the slider ?

  • @garlam Got it thank you very much.

  • @Abe32 There are sliders. To make the head bigger you need to use both width and length

  • Abe32, try this one0_1518807804122_GiveItaGo.jpg

  • Is it better ? alt text

  • Is it better? I guess it depends on your POV. Perhaps you should stick with what you have. 0_1518875473998_Knok out.jpg

  • Well i think your figure's muscles looks better

  • The problem here isn't proportions. Rob Liefeld drew the most ridiculously disturbing proportions and it didn't stop him from having a lucrative career in comics. I've seen worse proportions in the pages of JoJo and it's the top selling Manga in the world. Forget about proportions for a minute. The problem is the pose. It's boring. If a brick shithouse could throw a punch this is exactly how it would look.


    The left leg is leading. The left arm is punching. Stiff, rigid torso. Head over the center of gravity. BORING!!!!!


    Twist the torso. Move the head way out over the center of gravity. Switch up the leading leg and the punching arm. Throw a curve into the action line.

    0_1518883671633_punch 2.jpg

    This pose took a whole minute to put together and it could probably still be a little more dynamic.

    0_1518884049437_pose 3.jpg

    Go crazy with it.

  • @Abe32 said in Change Heigh 3d Doll:

    Well i think your figure's muscles looks better

    So does the head, the neck, the shoulders, the hands, the knees, and feet. A poor quality reference makes a for a poor quality draw. There are so many figures out there that are light years ahead of anything in CSP. Both Poser and DAZ Studio do a much better and easier job posing than CSP. It’s bothers me that people push CSP to do more 3D when CPS time and resources would be better spent on things they do best, like painting and drawing and leave the 3D to programs that do a much job. 0_1518887708467_Manga Pose.jpg