How do you setup GOZ with Poser 11? The option is greyed out.

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    I have Zbrush installed and Poser 11 installed, but the option "Export Figure mesh to Goz" is greyed out? How do I enable Poser 11's GOZ feature? I forgot.

  • @trepleen What is it you have selected? I ask because in the Figure menu it wasn't greyed out just now when I checked, but in the Object menu, it was. I then checked to see what in my scene I had selected, and it was the character I was working with, so I then selected the Ground, and the option in the Object menu was no longer greyed out.

    Check to see what it is you've selected, and make sure it's a character/figure, because if it's an object, like a prop, then it's the option in the Object menu you have to use.

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    I ended up figuring it out. I had to re-install Poser 11 so it copies the GOZ files to the pixologic GOZfolders. Everything works now.

  • @trepleen AHA! Glad you got it figured out.