Poser 11 Pro-Toon Lines failing

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    I have been having issues with my toon lines not working on some images.
    I have been using toon lines for a long time and just in the past couple days on certain images it just wont work. I have the setting correct because I
    can open the image file up in Poser 2014 and render it and the toon lines work. (toon lines checked under render settings)
    I have restarted my computer today, and launched Poser and today I got this error :

    XML parsing error: 'not well-formed (invalid token)' at line 2

    I went and re-installed the recent Poser 11 Update and I didnt get the error..but still my image wont render the toon lines.
    Does anyone know what may be causing this?
    Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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