Moving between desktop and laptop PC

  • It's been an interesting battle. Here's what I've learned to make this work correctly (with the exception of a few Poser 11 bugs I'll mention later)...

    1. Change the drive letter of your external drive to something like B: (B: will be used as the example of my external drive.) Make sure it is always plugged in and showing as B: on your PC before running poser, DAZ installer, etc.
    2. Once you have B: set up, install Poser 11 pointing the external data to a folder on drive B:
    3. When you run the installer, point it to drive B: In fact, point everything, except the software itself, to drive B: (If you use the DAZ installer, do the same thing. In fact, I've found the DAZ installer to work perfectly in this scenario.)
    4. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS backup your B: drive poser files. Poser 11 leaves file handles open in certain circumstances (a bug) and this will corrupt drive B: Guaranteed. When it does, you'll be glad you backed up drive B:
    5. If Poser 11 crashes (due to other bugs), do a restart of your computer. See 4 above.
    6. If and when B: becomes corrupted, after restarting your computer, scan and repair the disk (chkdsk /F) before restoring the data from your backup.
    7. Invest in a copy of GoodSync. This is a fast way to find corrupted files when comparing it to your backup. In fact, it's a good way to backup your poser files. (It was under $60 for 3 copies.)
    8. After using Poser 11's install-from-zip option, exit poser completely, and then restart poser. The install-from-zip leaves the zip file open. Exiting Poser 11 will close the zip file (a bug) and reduce the chance of corrupting the zip file.

    It's been three days since getting my workflow stabilized for Poser 11 and my external B: drive. The only problem I've had in these three days has been items 4 and 5 above. I can't blame those on the workflow, and it's time to open a trouble ticket with Smith Micro regarding those bugs.

    Many thanks to those who helped point me in the right direction.