2 questions

    • Wondering how to set a keyboard shortcut ('D' like in Photoshop) to reset the colours to black/white?

    • When painting with a vector brush in one colour, and then using white to paint negative shapes - how to subtract the white shapes from the positive so when I create a normal layer below to colour there are no white pieces? (sort of like subtract shapes in Pathfinder in Illustrator)


  • Go to File>Shortcut Settings. Setting area should be set to Option. Then go to Drawing Color (very bottom). You're looking for Switch Main Color to Black and sub Color To White.

    Vectors in CSP aren't the same as Illustrator. You can't subtract a vector shape from a vector shape in CSP. You can paint in transparent pixels to subtract brush strokes from vector strokes.

  • awesome man...cheers...i got the transparent vector sorted now...i love this program!